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Match the pairs in the following questions:

(a) Groups (p) Associativity
(b) Semigroups (q) Identity
(c) Monoids (r) Commutativity
(d) Abelian groups (s) Left inverse


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2 Answers

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group------> left inverse

semigroup ------>associative

monoid -------> identity

abelian group ------> commutative
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I think the matching should be in ONE -to-MANY manners.

(a) Groups  ----------------> (p) Associativity ,(q) Identity ,(s) Left inverse

(b) Semigroups -----------> (p) Associativity

(c) Monoids ----------------> (p) Associativity ,(q) Identity

(d) Abelian groups ------->  (p) Associativity ,(q) Identity ,(s) Left inverse,(r) Commutativity
answered by Veteran (16.5k points)

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