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Choose the correct alternatives (More than one may be correct).

Two NAND gates having open collector outputs are tied together as shown in below figure.

The logic function Y, implemented by the circuit is,

  1. $Y=ABC + DE$
  2. $Y=ABC + DE$
  3. $Y=ABC.DE$
  4. $Y=ABC.DE$
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Option C and D are same.

3 Answers

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A Wired Connection can create both an AND gate and an OR gate , however it cannot implement a not gate .

but to know whether this intersection acts as AND gate or OR gate , we should know whether the intersection is at a HIGH or a LOW.

i think here they have assumed it to be at a HIGH , hence the answer will be Y=(ABC)' . (DE)' .

answered by Active (2.3k points)
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There should be bubbled connection b/w two gates 

y=((ABC)' + (DE)' )'


NOTE: open gate works as NOR gate.

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I think it is a or operation so A and b I think because  if we assume three wires are connected in y tri  joint now if any of the wire is having the current it will come to down wire also na sooo why and operation
answered by Active (1.9k points)

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