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The C language is:

  1. A context free language
  2. A context sensitive language
  3. A regular language
  4. Parsable fully only by a Turing machine
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Answer is (B).

All modern programming languages are CSL. Because they contain two features which cannot be handled by PDA.

The features are:

  • variable declared before use and
  • matching formal and actual parameters of functions.
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Reference link is not working.

I found C is a CFG language.
@Arjun sir, According to the accepted answer of  the answer should be D too ??
that is telling about C++ and reason being templates. C grammar should be context sensitive..

@Arjun SIR
What about JAVA  and Python ?  How to answwer this kind of questions ? :(

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ans b)
answered by Loyal (5.3k points)

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