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The issues in the design of Code generation are ________

The issues in the design of code generation are due the what reason ?

The compiler converts the source code by accepting HLL into target code or machine code which is platform dependent right ?

The compiler makes the Dynamic Acyclic graph of the various instructions . These dynamic acyclic graphs which are obtianed are they platform independent or platform independent??

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DAG is an intermediate code representation which is generated by ICG module of compiler which comes under the front end/Machine independent phase of compiler.

Yes the output of compiler to be more specific output of target code generator is machine dependent and is called assembly language.

The assembler takes assembly language and converts it into relocatable machine code not the compiler.


Machine independent modules:

lexical,syntax,semantic analyser; ICG

Machine dependent modules:

Code optimiser,target code generator .

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Intermediate Code Generation is Target or Machine independent right okay fine ?

and now there comes the phase Code Optimizer , Code optimizer also produces Machine Independent code or Machine dependent code?

now check
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