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Dynamic linking can cause security concerns because

  1. Security is dynamic
  2. The path for searching dynamic libraries is not known till runtime
  3. Linking is insecure
  4. Cryptographic procedures are not available for dynamic linking
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  1. Nonsense option, No idea why it is here.
  2. The path for searching dynamic libraries is not known till runtime -> This seems most correct answer.
  3. This is not true. Linking in itself not insecure.
  4. There is no relation between Cryptographic procedures & Dynamic linking.
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Lol! nice answer for option A.
i liked option a answer :P :D
how can  option (B) cause security concerns?
Anyone explain the B option ....

process should access only area which is allocated to it .if it has permission then only it can access the other process resource.with hardware we can restrict the process to access the addresses between base and limit.

In case of dynamic linking process may access the resource of other process so OS should take care of it .

In case malware try to access the other process resource which it should not ,OS must take care of such unauthorized access.

also check this:

In dynamic linkin, all external references are that of a stub.

A stub is a piece of code which knows how to locate and load the appropriate memory resident library routine which is needed.

So, if this stub contains the address of a malicious code, then security is a concern.
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Dynamic linking is type of linking in which libraries required by the program are linked during run time.

And evaluating all options B seems correct one.
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@Bikram Sir Dynamic linking is not making any sense with cryptography  for security, option B seems to be correct.
yes there is no relation between cryptography and dynamic linking.
Thanks, Sir.
@Bikram sir

option B is true.  but how can  it cause security concerns ?

sir give me some real time example  please
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b.   path is not  not  known  so it's  not  easy to intruder to place malicious program.
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Is this can be a logic?

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