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State whether the following statements are TRUE or FALSE with reason:

The Link-load-and-go loading scheme required less storage space than the link-and-go loading scheme.
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In link and go scheme the linkage editor coexists with program in main memory while performing linking task 
whereas link,load and go scheme the linkage editor does not coexists with program in main memory while performing linking task

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Please, explain it further
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In Link-and-Go type of loader, the instruction is read line by line, its machine code is obtained and it is directly put in the main memory at some known address. That means the assembler runs in one part of memory and the assembled machine instructions and data is directly put into their assigned memory locations. After completion of assembly process, assign starting address of the program to the location counter. In this scheme some portion of memory is occupied by assembler which is simply a wastage of memory.

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