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Find the minimum product of sums of the following expression

$f=ABC + \bar{A}\bar{B}\bar{C}$
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3 Answers

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Minimal POS

$f=(\bar{A} + B) (A+\bar{C}) (\bar{B}+C)$

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There are many such pos possible given is one of the Possible POS.
sir i am getting (A+B') (B+C') (B+A') ..i dont what is going wrong with me please help sir ..!
you put AB on the top of the k-map and c is below..and here is opposite in above answer.
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@air1ankit in pos we will take 1 in complement and 0 as normal while in sop we take 1 as normal and 0 as a complemented 

check are you correct here.


Given is the minimal POS!
Yes it is minimal POS

there is a typo in the solution, it's 0 at A'BC, but it is 1 in the above K-map.

Here there are no essential prime implicants. So many POS are possible.
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In this minimization given expression is in SOP (Sum of product form) but in question POS form minimization asked so

Firstly We have to make K-map according to SOP form for SOP form entry is 1 but for POS it is 0 ,we can make remaining cells zero in this way we can do minimization easily
answered by Boss (10.1k points)
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