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Consider a simple OR gate with 2 inputs A and B, a ouput O which is taken back and reconnected to B as feedback.

Now, A=0 and B=0 so O=0. If we give A=1 for like 1 sec , O=1 and now if we turn off the power from the circuit ,

1.) will we get a infinite loop of energy kind of thing (in ideal case) since B=1 as previously O=1 .

2.) Can we ever set B=0 since O is connected to it and and O=1 (Assume a case when A=1,B=0 so O=1 , Now i quickly set A=0 , will this not automatically make B=1) ?
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2 Answers

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before power cut

a=1,O=1 that makes B=1

after power cut

gates are not storage device as latch

nothing is stored anywhere

when u give A=0,

it will make B=0


please correct me ,if i am wrong
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what about question 2???
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Second Question:

Problem with your approach is you are confusing Gates with Flip Flops.

Gate output 1 doesn't mean it will store it forever. 

But as soon as A = 0,

O will remain 1 until A = 0 input is propagated to O.

Hence, you will get B = 1 for very small time = propagation delay of  OR gate.

After that time, O = 0 and power at feedback will also return to 0.

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