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Is the following code template for the if-then-else statement correct? if not, correct it.

if expression  then statement $1$

                         else statement $2$


            Code for expression

           (*result in $E, E > O$ indicates true *)

           Branch on $E > O$ to $L1$

           Code for statement $1$

           $L1$: Code for statement $2$
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The given template is wrong. The following should be correct:

Code for Expression

Branch on $E>0$ to $L$

Code for segment $2$

Branch to $L1$

$L$: Code for statement $1$

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That means ,  in template "condition statement 1" & " condition statement 2" should be swapped to make it correct.
After swapping statement 1 and statement 2, an unconditional branch instruction should be also included after statement 2. Otherwise both the statements will get executed, which should not happen.

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