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Provide short answers to the following questions:

For secondary key processing which of the following file organizations is preferred? Give a one line justification:

  1. Indexed sequential file organization.
  2. Two-way linked list.
  3. Inverted file organization.
  4. Sequential file organization.
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Inverted File organization

Because of the following reasons

An index for each secondary key.

· An index entry for each distinct value of the secondary key.

It exhibits better inquiry performance
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I think the answer is incomplete:

With respect to given 4 options, in terms of efficiency,

Indexed sequential file organization > Inverted file organization > Two way linked list > Sequential file organization (due to sorting).

Now, we may use Indexed or inverted but we'll prefer inverted so that we can save some space(as Indexed will surely take some space to store the index.
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A Indexe
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