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For which one of the following reasons does internet protocol(IP) use the time-to-live(TTL) field in IP datagram header?

  1. Ensure packets reach destination within that time
  2. Discard packets that reach later than that time
  3. Prevent packets from looping indefinitely
  4. Limit the time for which a packet gets queued in intermediate routers
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4 Answers

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Answer is (C).

Prevent the packet to involve in infinite loop and also to prevent  server crash. That's why TTL field is used into this in the IPv4 datagram field.

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ans c)
answered by Loyal (5.2k points)
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Answer is Option C)

IP (Internet Protocol) uses TTL (Time-to-Live) because it indicates how long a packet should be in the network. This field limits the lifespan of data in a computer network. It may be implemented as counter or timestamp, thereby prevents a data packet from looping indefinitely.
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Answer should be C
answered by Loyal (6.9k points)

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