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In a certain computer system, there is special instruction implemented to call subroutines. The instruction is

                JSR Reg.Sub
Microsequence:  Temp ← Sub
                SP ← (SP)+2
                (SP) ← (Reg)
                Reg  ← (PC)
                PC ← (Temp)


  • Temp is an internal CPU register
  • Sub is calling routine address specification
  • Reg is any register in the system
  • SP is stack pointer
  • PC is program counter
  • (SP) refers to the contents of SP.

The system supports indirect addressing and autoincrement addressing modes. PC can be used as a link register. Sub field in the JSR instruction allows any operand specification, including the use of stack pointer along with some addressing modes.

Explain how you would implement co-routine using the JSR instruction. Show the control flow diagram and the contents of the stack before and after the call.

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