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Which approach is better and preferred ?

1) Top-Down Design 2) Bottom Up Design 3) Hybrid Design
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I shall take a more general approach. Let's consider there's a cake. Yeah!!!. So when d whole big cake is cut into smaller pieces and until the extent d smaller pieces can be cut shud account for Top- Down Design or a modular approach. Hierarchial Approach cud be considered in this category.

Let's say dat u want to put all d pieces together and then want dat cake back. Dat ain't practically possible. Isn't it? But for example sake consider it. This shall be the Bottom-Up Approach. Classes r a fine example of dis approach.

And yes certainly when we mix these two approaches then it becomes a hybrid one.

According to me it depends on d nature of the problem and not d approach.

I hope this helps u!!. :)

Among the Top Down approach and Bottom up which is better ?

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