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Consider M1 and M2 be two complete binary tree which satisfy max-heap property, each of size ‘n’. What is the time complexity to combine both M1 and M2 such that combine tree will be min heap tree?

  • O (n log n)
  • O (n)
  • O (n2)
  • O (n2 log n)
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M1 and M2 are contain total of 2n elements.(stores it in the array and construct min heap)

to construct min heap with n elements is o(nlogn)


1 Answer

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We have 2n number of elements and building a min heap using 2n elemets take O(2n) i.e.O(n) time
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ypu call build heap which is O(n)
and then min heapify which is O(logn)
therefore O(nlogn) right?

it will be O(n) only

in build heap procedure only, it will be converted to heap, then why call min heapify..
got it :)

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