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Consider the grammar ‘G’ given below:
S → aSa | bSb | a | b | ϵ
Which of the following option is incorrect?

  1.   G is ambiguous
  2.   G is unambiguous
  3.   G generates palindrome strings
  4.   There exists only one left most derivation for a given string.

the grammar does not has left factoring,so is;nt this grammar ambigous??but i am getting only on eparse tree for any string.

but,if a grammar needs left factoring then grammar is ambigous..right??

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This question can be answered only by looking at options, ofcourse answer has to be (A) or (B) because a grammar cannot be both ambiguous and unambiguous. And option (D) also says grammar is unambiguous. Thus (A) has to be answer.

And non-determinism is a problem when we don't know which production to take to get the required string. And Left-factoring is used to remove non-determinism(not ambiguity). So, it may be the case that a grammar is not ambiguous but needs left factoring.

Consider: $S \rightarrow aa | ab$ ($\color{green}{not\;ambiguous\;but\;needs\;left\;factoring}$)

And there is not doubt that $\color{navy}{S \rightarrow aSa\;|\;bSb\;|\;a\;|\;b\;|\; \epsilon}$ generates all even and all odd length palindromes, and for every string only one parse tree can be given. So, this grammar is unambiguous.

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so,it can be said that even if a grammar is left recursive and not left factored,still it can be unambigous...??
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option 1 is wrong. because ther exists only one derivation tree for any given string
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Option 3 is correct because the given grammar can generate both set of palindromes I.e even palindromes and odd palindromes too.
And there is no such rule for ambiguity of grammar like left factoring.
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