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My doubt is as follows: If deadlock is there, processes will be busy waiting in wait loop. So, decision on which process enters C.S. is not made in finite time. Hence, is it correct to say progress is violated? I am not clear to conclude about bounded wait.
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Yes here progress is violated as there is deadlock no process is able to get in c.s.
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Okay, thanks. What about bounded wait?
no decision was done in entering in C.S. in finite time so no bounded waiting
bounded wait is satisfied
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Progress means deadlock only. So progress is violated in your doubt.

Bounded Waiting means one process is entering CS and other is bounded waiting. But in deadlock no process is entering intro Critical Section. So violating progress does not mean violated Bounded Waiting.
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If there is a deadlock then it is sure progress is violated.

If it is 2 process CS problem then BW always satisfy ..

violation of BW does not depends upon deadlock. If there is a deadlock still BW can satisfy .
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