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Consider the following statements:
S1: Whenever we apply transition on any symbol the lookahead does not change
S2: The lookahead has effect on items of the form
[$A\rightarrow \alpha \bullet \beta , a$] where β ≠ ∈ and [$A\rightarrow \alpha \bullet , a$]
Which of the above statements are true wrt LR(1) items?
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what they trying to mean by S1 ??
in the new state, new lookaheads may appear. Are they talking about during the transition?

yes...S1 is true...lookahead changes only while taking closure..not during transition on a symbol...

S2 is also true , right ?
@pC S2 is false....only effect will be on [A→α∙,a] not on here u have to reduce...but in [A→α∙β,a] no reduction has to be no effect of lookahaad
@sudsho ,  Actually what is the so called " effect " ? I didn't understand it properly .
no sure...but i guess they want effect in the table due to lookahaead symbols...that only comes during reduction...
So my thinking is also  same  :)
I too saw a reduced move in S2 . So thought it is True .   "AND" makes the problem  :D
effect means role of lookahead here ..
so, s1-true


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