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A language uses an alphabet of six letters, {a, b, c, d, e, f}. The relative frequency of use of each letter of the alphabet in the language is as given below:

a 0.19
b 0.05
c 0.17
d 0.08
e 0.40
f 0.11

Design a prefix binary code for the language which would minimize the average length of the encoded words of the language.

asked in Digital Logic by Boss (40.1k points) | 183 views

Huffman coding is to find prefix of letters,is to compress the message size over ASCII code.

To find length of encoded message find Huffman tree and sum of all internal nodes gives the message length.

First find minimum tress in the forest and remove it add to huffman tree.Add two minimum trees and add in the forest.

Repeat this procedure until forest become single tree.

Length of message=1+0.60+0.24+0.36+0.13


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