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Symbolize the expression "Every mother loves her children" in predicate logic.
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if we define (a,b) ,if a loves b.Then   

for all  M st (M,C) ?? Is it correct?

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I think this is the approach for this question.

first statement is the correct answer for this question.




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The first statement must be true. Consider an sql table where there are some mothers that dont love their children and some mothers that love their children.

So, 2nd statement will test if 'x' is mother and will also test if 'x' loves her children seperately.Only then it will output such mothers that love their children.

But, 1st statement will just check if 'x' is mother and if yes, will output 'x'. This is what we want from the question.

So, $\nu$x [ Mother(x) -> Loves(x) ] should be right.
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$M(x)\rightarrow x\ is\ mother.\\ Ch(y,x)\rightarrow y\ is\ children\ of\ x\\Lo(x,y)\rightarrow x\ loves\ y.\\ \\$ $$ \forall x\forall y\ [(M(x)\wedge C(y,x))\rightarrow Lo(x,y)]$$
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m(x) ->x is mother

c(y)->y is children

L(x,y)->x loves y

so, ∀x(m(x)=>c(y)ΛL(x,y)) 

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