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Write a constant time algorithm to insert a node with data $D$ just before the node with address $p$ of a singly linked list.
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// node is a struct containing an int and next pointer
void insert(int D, node* p){
	node* temp = (node*)malloc(sizeof(node));
	temp->next = p->next; // make temp point to the node where p was pointing
	p->next = temp; // attach node temp next to node p 
	/*till this point it is simialr to inserting node after a node
	whose pointer p is given. Now change the data of both nodes p and temp to get desired result*/
	temp->data = p->data; // copy the data of current node to new node
	p->data = D;
good one @ mcjoshi

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Let $A,B,C,D,E,F$ be the data.
$A \rightarrow B \rightarrow C \rightarrow E  \rightarrow F$

Let pointer to $E$ be $p$.

A node with data $D$ has to be inserted before $E$.
I'll do one thing - add $D$ just after node $E$ and it'll take constant time.
$p.{next} \rightarrow Address\_of\_D$
$Address\_of\ \rightarrow Address\_of\_F$

$A \rightarrow B \rightarrow C \rightarrow E \rightarrow D \rightarrow F$

Take a temporary variable and swap the values $E$ and $D$..
$temp =$
$ temp$

Now linked list wil look like
$A \rightarrow B \rightarrow C \rightarrow D \rightarrow E  \rightarrow F$
still one more work left - now pointer $p$ pointing to $D$ so increment pointer $p$ to point data $E$.
$p= p \rightarrow next$

void InsertBeforeGivenPointer(struct node* p, int D){
	struct node* temp = (node*)malloc(sizeof(struct node));
	temp->next = p->next;
	p->next = temp;
	temp->data = p->data;
	p->data = D;
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Your logic is awesome ! Try for part a too !

I think instead of this:


this should be there:



Wat a soluchan :p  =D

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