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Regular Expression for the following Language,

$$\begin{align*} L = \left \{ a^{m}b^{n}\; | m \geq 1,n \geq 1,mn \geq 3 \right \} \end{align*}$$
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i think this must be re

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Minimal strings of above language are : $\color{green}{aaab, aabb}$ and $\color{green}{abbb}$ as minimal value of $m$ and $n$ is $1$, and also $mn \ge 3$.

Minimal pairs of $m$ and $n$ that satisfy above constraints are: $(m,n) = (1,3), (3,1)$ and $(2,2)$

So, RegExp would be : $\color{maroon}{aa^*bbbb^* + aaaa^*bb^* + aaa^*bbb^*}$
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imp thing first..tell me how you coloured !!
Ohh! It's \color{green}{text to be coloured} between $$.
so its now working !

Yeah! (marker) for simple text.

@Debasish how do u do blue color without code?

with the help of this awesome magic ! :)

Along with the GATE syllabus, do we need to by heart this " \color{green}{text to be coloured} between $$." :)

Or any shortcut button on the LATeX.

don't know about it. But online editors can be a good start.


So, mcjoshi  is all grown up now..using all links..colours !! :) :)


anyway..will it be $\large\color{green}{\text{min dfa}}$ for it ??

I accepted the min string first..and then merge states..better approach?
grown up !! Still a lot to learn from you :)


After reading all ur comments on the amount of interest you are taking on editor instead of the question 

I think we need to change the name of the forum from gate Overflow to online editor Overflow 

Hey bhargv..there is a min dfa in the comment..any comment on that ?
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