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The code for the implementation of a sub-routine to convert positive numeric data from binary to appropriate character string in a PDP-11 like machine has been given below

Note-that SP is the stack pointer and $R_i$ represents i-th register respectively.

BTOD: MOV (SP)+, RO : Save the PC
  MOV (SP)+, +R1 : address of last significant digit of destination.
  INC R1 : Setting an autodecrement in eighth instruction
  MOV (SP)+, R3 : Value to be converted
BTOD 1: CLR R2  
  DIV 10.R2 : Pair R2-R3 receive quotient in R2 and remainder in R3.
  ADD 48, R3  
  MOVB R3, -(R1) : autodecrement will decrease R1
  MOV R2, R3  
  BNE BTOD 1  
  MOV RO-(SP) : restore PC
  RTS PC : return
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