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Consider the following grammar:

  • $S \rightarrow S$
  • $S \rightarrow SS \mid a \mid \epsilon$

Construct the collection of sets of LR (0) items for this grammar and draw its goto graph.

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i think this is ambigous grammer try to gererate string "a" you will gate 2 LMD
It is ambiguous grammar and we can't parse it by LR(0) parser. right na?

Here  S→  ϵ will take as reduce/ shift action or not effect on LR(0) DFA??

So we cannot write LR(0) items if grammar is ambiguous?
afaik, LR(0) items can be constructed if the grammar is ambiguous.

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The augmented production is $S^{'} \rightarrow S$.

$\textbf{GOTO Graph:}$

Here, each of $I_0$, $I_1$, $I_2$, $I_3$ is a set of $LR(0)$ items. And hence $I_0$, $I_1$, $I_2$, $I_3$ are the collection of sets of $LR(0)$ items.

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Augmented production S'-->S


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Sir we can write LR(0) items..

But there will be conflicts in dfa (of canonical collection of LR(0) items).. so the grammar will not be LR(0)
Thats all is asked in the question rt?

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