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I got C as answer.In case enable to multiplexer is 0(MUX is disabled),it should not output 0 as per my understanding as 0 represents valid data?so after I7,I6 MUX is diabled for two clock pulses as per circuit working,then how can we assume that output is 0?It should be nothing(not even 0).Please help 

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We dont supply 1 to the circuit, we supply current or signal to the circuit and this current represent 1. So 0 represent lack of signal or current

1 is considered as high voltage or current flowing in the circuit or a bulb is on

0 is considered as low voltage or no current or bulb is off

In any case mux is off means it do nothing that means it doesnt supply current or voltage that means 0.

0 and 1 are not numbers they are considered as logic here

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according to down counter value decreses by 1 everytime and when A1 bit become 0 output will be disabled.
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