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In the circuit shown below, the propagation delay of each NOT gate is 2 nsec (2 nano sec), then the time period of generated square wave is –

Please somebody explain the approach for this type of qestions

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When such feedbacking is done which comprises of NOT gates it is known as astable multivibrator and also acts as square wave generator ..

Now the time period of such square wave generator is given by :

2n * tpd  where n is the number of NOT gates involved in feedback circuit and tpd is propogation delay of a NOT gate

So as only 5 NOT gates are involved in feedback circuit so n = 5 here..

Hence time period of given square wave generator    =  2 * n * tpd

                                                                            =  2 * 5 * 2

                                                                            =  20 ns

Hence time period will be 20 ns..

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where n=odd(only in feedback ckt)

even no of gates doesnot give periodic waveform
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