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Is this a distributive lattice????

asked in Set Theory & Algebra by Active (4.4k points) | 83 views

1 Answer

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Since necessary condition for distributive lattice is every element having atmost one complement but here d having two complement as c & f hence it is not distributive lattice
answered by (305 points)
Yup I also think the same way  but Testbook test series say its a distributive lattice

@bad_engineer yes not distributive

I understood the complement part, but how to find triples of elements which violates distributive law?If I take suppose b,f and e. b ^ (f v e) should be (b ^ f) v (b ^ e) . b ^ (f v e) = b ^ f = e that is same as (b ^ f) v (b ^ e) = e ^ e = e. Am I doing something wrong here?

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