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Suppose Xi for i=1,2,3 are independent and identically distributed random variables whose probability mass functions are Pr[Xi=0]=Pr[Xi=1]=1/2 for i=1,2,3. Define another random variable Y=X1X2⊕X3, where ⊕ denotes XOR. Then Pr[Y=0∣X3=0]=_

I got answer but not question .

can nyone describe only question ?

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I illustrate , wat i understood.

here X is randome variable  having posssible value 1,2,3 and  probability  density function concept is used .

pr (xi=0) getting of x1 and x0=1/2 not getting for i=1,2,3 , xor concept i know welll . pr[y=0|x3=0] it is conditional proability . Now find out what is mistake in my thinking.
past yr question
thor i want that u describe question . What is P(Xi ) and other thing. That is answer for me.

I know in genrl terms P(x) It is proability of getting x.

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