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The Set (A U B U C) ∩ (A ∩ B' ∩ C')' ∩ C' is equal to
1. B ∩ C'
2. A ∩ C
3. B' ∩ C'
4. None of these
asked in Set Theory & Algebra by Veteran (16.9k points) | 120 views
option 1 ) ans

1 Answer

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 (A U B U C) ∩ (A ∩ B' ∩ C')' ∩ C'

to solve these type of question use boolean algebra method 
 (A +B +C) (A + B' + C')' C

(A +B +C) (A'C' + BC' + CC')

(A +B +C) (A'C '+ BC ')
so B ∩C'

answered by Veteran (21.6k points)
given answer is None
I think your answer is correct, and given anser 'None" is wrong
yes option 1 is correct ans :)
(A ∩ B' ∩ C')' ∩ C'

 intersection will be change to union while opening complement  (A ∩ B' ∩ C')'  and than multiply with C'
without de morgans rule?
first we have to demorgan rule
yes sry,....option is a only..i missed one compliment mistake :)

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