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I am getting 11 as pagefault , but the solution says 9. What i am missing?

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given soln is  incorrect    ur ans of   11 is correct

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what is OPTIONAL replacement?as given in question

but whatever it is ,it should not be less than optimal one(hope they wanted to say optimal)

and then comes 11

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To calculate EMAT in case of page fault we used: EMAT= page fault rate*(page fault service time) + (1-page fault rate)*(memory access time) My doubt is: In case of NO PAGE FAULT, why we considered only one memory access time . Why not two memory ... , You considered (VA -> PA time) + memory access time. Then why not we consider address translation time in questions involving only pagefault?
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Consider a system using demand paging architecture it takes $3ms.$ to service page fault if either empty frame is available or replaced page is not to be modified takes $10ms.$ if replaced page is modified. Main Memory access time is $1ms.$ and page to be replaced ... $60$% of time. The maximum acceptable page fault rate to get effective memory access time not more than $4ms.$ is_________(%)
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I studied from book william stalling ,it was written there if we increase the size of page then pagefault first increases and then when pagesize become size of process then pagefault decreases. Can someone explain with an example why this happens?
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