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Consider the following function

void swap(int a, int b)  
    int temp;
    temp = a;
    a = b;
    b = temp;  

In order to exchange the values of two variables $x$ and $y$.

  1. call $swap(x, y)$

  2. call $swap(\&x, \&y)$

  3. $swap (x, y)$ cannot be used as it does not return any value

  4. $swap (x, y)$ cannot be used as the parameters are passed by value

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6 Answers

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ans (D).

Option A will not exchange the values of $x$ and $y$ because parameters are passed by value in C. i.e., the code is exchanging $x'$ and $y'$ which are having the values of $x$ and $y$ respectively. 

Option B will not swap the value

 void swap(int a, int b) 

Here, it is wrong to pass in address (int*) as the parameters are of int type, even sizeof int and int* varies depending on the compiler. Now, even if ignoring this error, the given code would not exchange the values of $x$ and $y$ as it is merely exchanging $p_1'$ and $p_2'$ where $p_1'$ and $p_2'$ are containing the copies of the addresses of $x$ and $y$ respectively. (Even addresses are passed by value in C language).

Option C is false, return value is not required for exchanging the variables.

Option D is correct. We cannot use $swap(x,y)$ because parameters are passed by value. Only way now to exchange the variables are by passing their addresses and then modifying the contents using the de-referencing operator $(*).$

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This Might Give Clear Understanding

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I think, option D will be answer.

Because in the given function, parameters are used as passed by value.So there will be no change in actual parameters which is defined under the main function..
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Yes option D should be correct.
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ans d)
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Pass by value: In this approach, we pass the copy of actual variables in function as a parameter. Hence any modification on parameters inside the function will not reflect in the actual variable.

Therefore to exchange the values of x and y, we cannot use pass by value( given code is for pass by value). So option D is correct

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Correct answer: Option D, swap(x,y)swap(x,y) cannot be used as the parameters are passed by value.

a) call swap (x, y) will not cause any effect on x and y as parameters are passed by value.
b) call swap (&x, &y) will no work as function swap() expects values, not addresses (or pointers).
c) swap (x, y) cannot be used but the reason given is not correct.
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Ans: D swap (x, y) cannot be used as the parameters are passed by value

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