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Four Matrices $M_1, M_2, M_3$ and $M_4$ of dimensions $ p \times q, \:\:q \times r, \:\:r \times s$ and $s \times t$ ... $t=80$, then the minimum number of scalar multiplications needed is $248000$ $44000$ $19000$ $25000$
commented 5 minutes ago in Algorithms debasish paramanik 5.5k views
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If every non-key attribute is functionally dependent on the primary key then the relation will be in   A. 1NF                          B. 2NF                        C. 3NF                             D. 4NF I think the answer should be 2NF, but in the key it is given 3NF
commented 1 hour ago in Databases Kapilji 16.2k views
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Which normal form is considered adequate for normal relational database design? $2NF$ $5NF$ $4NF$ $3NF$
commented 2 hours ago in Databases vishnu_m7 2.2k views
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Suppose that it takes $1$ unit of time to transmit a packet (of fixed size) on a communication link. The link layer uses a window flow control protocol with a window size of $N$ packets. Each packet causes an ack or a nak to be generated by the receiver, and ack/nak transmission times are negligible. Further, ... is $1- \dfrac{ N}{i}$ $\dfrac{i}{(N + i)}$ $1$ $1 - e^{\left(\frac{i}{N}\right)}$
commented 3 hours ago in Computer Networks Kumar Anil 5.2k views
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Consider the following C program that attempts to locate an element $x$ in an array $Y[ \ ]$ using binary search. The program is erroneous. f (int Y[10] , int x) { int u, j, k; i= 0; j = 9; do { k = (i+ j) / 2; if( Y[k] < x) i = k;else j = k; } while (Y[k] != x) && (i < j)) ; if(Y[k] ... $x > 2$ $Y$ is $[2 \ 4 \ 6 \ 8 \ 10 \ 12 \ 14 \ 16 \ 18 \ 20]$ and $ 2 < x < 20$ and $x$ is even
answered 3 hours ago in Algorithms Musa 8k views
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The protocol data unit for the transport layer in the internet stack is Segment Message Datagram Frame
commented 3 hours ago in Computer Networks coolsrs 3k views
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An array $A$ contains $n \geq 1$ positive integers in the locations $A[1], A[2], \dots A[n]$. The following program fragment prints the length of a shortest sequence of consecutive elements of $A$, $A[i], A[i+1], \dots,A[j]$ such that the sum of their values is $\geq M$, a given positive ... +1; sum:= ◻ end else begin if(j-i) < min then min:=j-i; sum:=sum -A[i]; i:=i+1; end writeln (min +1); end.
comment edited 4 hours ago in DS sanjaysharmarose 1.8k views
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The subset-sum problem is defined as follows. Given a set of $n$ positive integers, $S = \{ a_1, a_2, a_3, \dots , a_n \}$, and positive integer $W$, is there a subset of $S$ whose elements sum to $W$? A dynamic program for solving this problem uses a $\text{2-dimensional}$ Boolean array, $X$, with $n$ rows ... $X[i, j] = X[i-1, j] \wedge X[i, j-a_i]$ $X[i, j] = X[i-1, j] \wedge X[i-1, j-a_i]$
commented 4 hours ago in Algorithms debasish paramanik 3.9k views
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Q.1 find total number of conflict serializable T1=R(A)W(A)R(B)W(B) T2=R(B)W(B)R(C)W(C) Q.2 find total number of conflict serializable for T1=R1(A)W1(A)R1(B)W1(B)R1(C)W1(C) T2=R2(A)W2(A)R2(B)W2(B)R2(C)W2(C). explanation??.
commented 5 hours ago in Databases vishnu_m7 1.7k views
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If the list of letters $P$, $R$, $S$, $T$, $U$ is an arithmetic sequence, which of the following are also in arithmetic sequence? $2P, 2R, 2S, 2T, 2U$ $P-3, R-3, S-3, T-3, U-3$ $P^2, R^2, S^2, T^2, U^2$ I only I and II II and III I and III
commented 6 hours ago in Numerical Ability jeeruajay 1.7k views
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A lexical analyzer uses the following patterns to recognize three tokens $T_1$, $T_2$, and $T_3$ over the alphabet $\{a, b, c\}$. $T_1$: $a?(b \mid c)^*a$ $T_2$: $b?(a \mid c)^*b$ $T_3$: $c?(b \mid a)^*c$ Note that ... possible prefix. If the string bbaacabc is processes by the analyzer, which one of the following is the sequence of tokens it outputs? $T_1T_2T_3$ $T_1T_1T_3$ $T_2T_1T_3$ $T_3T_3$
answered 7 hours ago in Compiler Design varunrajarathnam 7.4k views
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A context-free grammar is ambiguous if: The grammar contains useless non-terminals. It produces more than one parse tree for some sentence. Some production has two non terminals side by side on the right-hand side. None of the above.
commented 7 hours ago in Theory of Computation manisha11 2.5k views
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A shared variable $x$, initialized to zero, is operated on by four concurrent processes $W, X, Y, Z$ as follows. Each of the processes $W$ and $X$ reads $x$ from memory, increments by one, stores it to memory, and then terminates. Each of the processes $Y$ and $Z$ ... $S$ is initialized to two. What is the maximum possible value of $x$ after all processes complete execution? $-2$ $-1$ $1$ $2$
commented 8 hours ago in Operating System ramcharantej_24 7.8k views
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Narendra is traveling from point A to point B and there are n toll posts along the way. Before starting the journey, Narendra is given, for each post 1 ≤ i < j ≤ n, the feeto travel from post i to post j. The goal is to minimize the travel cost. The most ... . The answer is given to be (C). Is it like this has been solved using Dijkstra using fibonacci heaps? Am I thinking in correct direction?
answered 18 hours ago in Programming pranshu27 40 views
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Let $P$ be a quicksort program to sort numbers in ascending order. Let $t_{1}$ and $t_{2}$ be the time taken by the program for the inputs $\left[1 \ 2 \ 3 \ 4\right]$ and $\left[5 \ 4 \ 3 \ 2 \ 1\right]$, respectively. Which of the following holds? $t_{1} = t_{2}$ $t_{1} > t_{2}$ $t_{1} < t_{2}$ $t_{1}=t_{2}+5 \log 5$
commented 18 hours ago in Algorithms Sona Barman 4.2k views
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In a computer system where the best-fit' algorithm is used for allocating jobs' to memory partitions', the following situation was encountered:$\begin{array}{|l|l|} \hline \textbf{Partitions size in $KB$} & \textbf{$4K \ 8K \ 20K \ 2K$} \\\hline \textbf{Job sizes in $KB$} & \text{$2K ... $} \\\hline \end{array}$When will the $20K$ job complete?
commented 20 hours ago in Operating System Rahul Ambastha 4.6k views
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The purpose of applying paging in segmentation is A.) To overcome thrashing B.) To overcome external fragmentation C.) To reduce segment table size overhead D.) Both B & C my answer is B given answer is D i want to ask how the size overhead is decreased as compared to pure segmentation.
commented 20 hours ago in Operating System sachin486 202 views
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Consider the following two sets of LR(1) items of an LR(1) grammar.$\begin{array}{l|l} X \rightarrow c.X, c/d &X → c.X, \$\\ X \rightarrow .cX, c/d& X → .cX, \$\\ X \rightarrow .d, c/d & X → .d, \$ ... . Cannot be merged since goto on c will lead to two different sets. $1$ only $2$ only $1$ and $4$ only $\text{1, 2, 3}$ and $4$
answered 20 hours ago in Compiler Design varunrajarathnam 5.8k views
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What is the maximum number of reduce moves that can be taken by a bottom-up parser for a grammar with no epsilon and unit-production (i.e., of type $A \rightarrow \epsilon$ and $A \rightarrow a$) to parse a string with $n$ tokens? $n/2$ $n-1$ $2n-1$ $2^{n}$
answered 21 hours ago in Compiler Design varunrajarathnam 9.6k views
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A canonical set of items is given below $S \to L .> R $ $Q \to R.$ On input symbol $<$ the set has a shift-reduce conflict and a reduce-reduce conflict. a shift-reduce conflict but not a reduce-reduce conflict. a reduce-reduce conflict but not a shift-reduce conflict. neither a shift-reduce nor a reduce-reduce conflict.
answered 21 hours ago in Compiler Design varunrajarathnam 6.5k views
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For parameters $a$ and $b$, both of which are $\omega(1)$, $T(n) = T(n^{1/a})+1$, and $T(b)=1$. Then $T(n)$ is $\Theta (\log_a \log _b n)$ $\Theta (\log_{ab} n$) $\Theta (\log_{b} \log_{a} \: n$) $\Theta (\log_{2} \log_{2} n$)
answered 22 hours ago in Algorithms Musa 4.1k views
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Consider a hard disk with $16$ recording surfaces $(0-15)$ having 16384 cylinders $(0-16383)$ and each cylinder contains $64$ sectors $(0-63)$. Data storage capacity in each sector is $512$ bytes. Data are organized cylinder-wise and the addressing format is <cylinder no., ... is the cylinder number of the last sector of the file, if it is stored in a contiguous manner? $1281$ $1282$ $1283$ $1284$
commented 23 hours ago in Operating System eon531999 11.8k views
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INCA(Increase register A by $1$) is an example of which of the following addressing mode? Immediate addressing Indirect addressing Implied addressing Relative addressing
commented 23 hours ago in CO and Architecture Danishgupta 272 views
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Consider a CFG with the following productions. $S \to AA \mid B$ $A \to 0A \mid A0 \mid 1$ $B \to 0B00 \mid 1$ $S$ is the start symbol, $A$ and $B$ ... $\{0, 1\}$ containing at least two $0$'s
answered 1 day ago in Theory of Computation Jithendra319 3.7k views
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Consider a set of 156 elements to find minimum and maximum elements in the given set, the minimum number of comparisons required is___? You have given an array of 512 elements,minimum number of comparisons required to find out second largest element among all will be___? 230 & 517 229 & 516 231 & 518 232 & 519
answered 1 day ago in Algorithms debasish paramanik 195 views
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Consider a machine with byte addressable memory 32 bits virtual addresses, 32 bits physical addresses and 4 KB page size. If a two-level page table system is used where each page table occupies one page and page table entries of 4 B each, then the memory overhead for this machine is ________ KB please explain.
answer reshown 1 day ago in Operating System Seema MP 641 views
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A sequential circuit using D flip-flop and logic gates is shown in Figure, where $X$ and $Y$ are the inputs and $Z$ is the output. The circuit is $\text{S-R}$ Flip-flop with inputs $X = R$ and $Y=S$ $\text{S-R}$ Flip-flop with inputs $X = S$ and $Y=R$ $\text{J-K}$ Flip-flop with inputs $X = J$ and $Y=K$ $\text{J-K}$ Flip-flop with inputs $X = K$ and $Y=J$
answered 1 day ago in Digital Logic Sharma9999999 31 views
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