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The following is a list of all badges available on this site:
Verified Human Successfully verified email address x12244
Autobiographer Filled out all profile fields x23
Photogenic Uploaded an avatar image x1998
Nice Question Question received +2 upvote x11257
Good Question Question received +5 upvote x3969
Great Question Question received +10 upvote x2489
Notable Question Asked question received 50 views x29577
Popular Question Asked question received 100 views x20317
Famous Question Asked question received 500 views x5981
Nice Answer Answer received +5 upvote x10727
Nice Comment [badges/nice_comment_desc] x9816
Good Answer Answer received +10 upvote x4701
Good Comment [badges/good_comment_desc] x2012
Great Answer Answer received +20 upvote x1989
Great Comment [badges/great_comment_desc] x568
Renewal Received Nice Answer badge in response to a question more than 30 days old x3890
Revival Received Good Answer badge in response to a question more than 60 days old x2062
Resurrection Received Great Answer badge in response to a question more than 120 days old x715
Gifted 5 answers selected as best answer x477
Wise 20 answers selected as best answer x141
Enlightened 40 answers selected as best answer x76
Grateful Selected 5 answers as best answer x349
Respectful Selected 20 answers as best answer x87
Reverential Selected 50 answers as best answer x28
Liked Received 50 total upvotes x1
Loved Received 100 total upvotes0
Revered Received 500 total upvotes0
Asker Asked 50 questions x221
Questioner Asked 100 questions x100
Inquisitor Asked 500 questions x34
Answerer Posted 50 answers x220
Lecturer Posted 100 answers x108
Preacher Posted 200 answers x49
Commenter Posted 100 comments x248
Commentator Posted 200 comments x134
Annotator Posted 500 comments x46
Voter Voted 50 times x726
Avid Voter Voted 200 times x285
Devoted Voter Voted 1000 times x83
Editor Performed total of 5 edits x1152
Copy Editor Performed total of 25 edits x289
Senior Editor Performed total of 50 edits x161
Reader Read total of 200 questions x3959
Avid Reader Read total of 500 questions x2302
Devoted Reader Read total of 1500 questions x698
Dedicated Visited every day for 10 consecutive days x2017
Devoted Visited every day for 25 consecutive days x665
Zealous Visited every day for 50 consecutive days x244
Visitor Visited site on total of 200 days x816
Trouper Visited site on total of 300 days x215
Veteran Visited site on total of 500 days x39
Regular First visited more than 90 days ago x6256
Old-Timer First visited more than 180 days ago x4639
Ancestor First visited more than 365 days ago x2477
100 Club Received total of 100 points x2028
1,000 Club Received total of 1000 points x609
10,000 Club Received total of 10000 points x109
Medalist Received total of 10 badges x692
Champion Received total of 30 badges x397
Olympian Received total of 100 badges x171
63 total badges, 157683 awarded to the community
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