Hi, This is Vishal Gourav, I work at TCS,Noida presently and prepared for GATE 2020 while having a full time(9-6) job.

Short Back Story: I was never great in studies not because I couldn’t understand the concepts but because I lacked the hard work and discipline. While I was pursuing B.Tech from JSSATE,Noida I was content with just finishing up with my studies finally and getting into a job,start earning money and spending it.

In 2019, I had given GATE with 1 month preparation and got 38.33/100(AIR:7045, Score:448). Though the score was not much to be proud off but for the first time in my life I had enjoyed studying so much. I had only prepared TOC,EM,DS for GATE 2019.

It was the 30th of July when I received my first salary, I felt that I was not satisfied with what I had achieved till now in life.I always wanted to do something that brings about a change but never had a goal in life.  While I was awake thinking all this the whole night, I realized that after the GATE 2019 result was the only time in the past that I had felt content and satisfaction. I decided to give GATE another go. 

Study Hard: I never was a coaching enthusiast(as I feel coaching centres make mug-up machines except for a few students who really like to understand the concepts instead of mugging up the formulas) so decided to go with self study. Next was getting hold of study material. I thought who can teach me B.Tech subjects better then IIT professors. So NPTEL lectures it was.

Started to study on 3rd Aug at normal video playback speed, soon incremented to 2X.After that I had to download the lectures(as youtube has max 2X) to increase speed further to (2.75-3)X. Used to study in office with lectures on my phone whenever I got time. Finished syllabus by november mid.

Practice: Started with previous year question papers(1991 onwards). This was the first phase when i realized the importance of GO. As, there were many questions which had a answer different in the question book then what my solution would be. I googled a question and the first link that would pop up every time would be GO. The solutions and discussions on the question gave so much insight to the question concept wise. Soon I found out that GO had all the questions in CBT format so started giving the tests on GO.

Got a test series from a reputed coaching site(if you are from around Delhi, you would know which one). It had a lot of mistakes and again I used to google and found the right answer on GO. The test series only taught me how to manage time.

GO toh hai hin: By end of December I totally shifted to just revising my notes and doing questions from GO. Did the previous year papers for the 2nd time.

08/02/2020: After paper I was not fully satisfied(because of after exam discussions, thinking some of my answers were wrong) as the paper was a bit tricky.I had done 51 questions out of 65. But I always aimed for accuracy over quantity even when doing papers on GO.

12/02/2020: Response sheet was released. Checked using predictors at 2 sites. One as GO and the other was the reputed coaching institute previously mentioned. And I have to say that GO predictor was bang on in predicting marks out of 100, rank to +-5 range and specially the score(it was accurate with 0% error) i.e. I got that exact score in the final result.

Now I know what I want to do in life. I have an aim. I have a goal and GO has a huge contribution in it. Would like to thank all users especially Arjun(for every question I useed to just scroll though the answers to find his solution).

Finally, I guess I should end with the result I got which is very important but not as important as finally finding a goal in life(which I won’t discuss).

So, once you decide you want to do something and have the discipline to do it, no one can stop you. My father always says, “Tumhari Naseeb naa koi bana sakta hai aur naa hi koi chheen sakta hai”.

Toh padhai karo,mehnat karo aur GO toh hai hi.

Marks: 70/100    AIR:129     Score:834


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Congratulations Vishal 😊
Thanks Arjun,

It means a lot comming from you.
Congrats sir ....can you plzzz tell me best nptel lectures for each subject?
Thanks Coder123,

Actually the lectures are a mix of nptel and mit ocw.

Just go ahead and search in youtube for each subject like "daa nptel". For every search you will find at least 2 set of videos. First are the old ones where teachers are being taped in class and second are the new ones. I preferred the old ones as they were interactive. But both are equally good.

Engineering mathematics is the most important subject as it is also an integral part of interviews after the GATE exam so go for mit ocw lectures on youtube. They teach at an even deeper level.

Feel free to ask any further questions.🙂