I have secured AIR-(202) out of 97481 students( 99.79 percentile) in GATE CS-2020 with marks 68/100 and my gate score is 811/1000. Currently , I am in my final year and  pursuing my B.Tech in Computer Science & Engineering from  Feroze Gandhi Institute of Engineering & Technology, Raebareli (U.P.).  I always had a dream of getting into IIT and with that dream after my 10+2, I went to KOTA FACTORY but was unable to crack it but the most important part was what I have learned from the failure and throughout the journey. After that anyhow I took admission in a state University Tier – 3 college.

Now I will describe shortly the each year of my B.Tech :
FIRST YEAR – ended up in knowing the status of my college weather it is private or semi-govt. (Till now it’s a mystery).

SECOND YEAR – Did some Competitive Programming and done some Training and projects in Android.

THIRD YEAR – Now , my gate journey starts from here. Remember Life always gives you a second chance . Keeps your eyes open and seize the very next opportunities. So,  I left doing any other things  and get myself  completely focused on gate.

Fifth Sem: Subjects Covered : Algorithms , DS , DBMS.

There are certain steps that I used to follow in completing each of my subjects :

  1. Watch video Lectures .
  2. Make Notes.
  3. Revise them and Solve Previous Year Questions ( GO helped me a lot to clear all of my doubts regarding PYQs).
  4. Write some Good PYQs and their concepts in a separate copy using the discussion and explanations on GO.
  5. Make my own short Notes .

Sixth Sem : Subjects covered -  CN, COA, TOC, CD, OS ,DLD (as many of the subjects I have already read for my second year semester paper exams  so I completed them very fast ).

Now , till July , I completed all of my remaining subjects ( COA, DM, EM, Aptitude ) .

For aptitude and EM, I just read the basics and solved all of the PYQs from each branch which are more than sufficient.

Seventh Sem: Now, comes the most important part which are test series . Since I have completed all those subjects along with their PYQs and also had written all tough and imp PYQs once so only thing that I have to do was revision . So I scheduled and make planned for each of the subject revision and used the test series’s topic test and subject test for my revision purpose in a Round Robin manner .

I purchased  only Made Easy Test Series( of 2 yrs)   so I was having around 4-5 topic test and 2-3 single and multi-subjects test . So I give them all in a round robin manner taking all subjects so that all of my subjects are in continuous revision with me . I completed them all from August to November.

The steps that followed in solving test series are :

  1. Revise the each subject and their PYQs once .
  2. Give their topic test on weekly basis .
  3. Give their single subject, multi subject test  after revising the short notes and mistakes of last given tests at an interval of 15 days .
  4. Wrote and Bookmark all the important and new concepts from the test series . Many of those test series doubts are cleared from GateOverflow , a huge thanks to GO again.

In December ,my semester exam starts so I was not able to do much for gate so only thing that I done through out the 15 days of semester is given  many previous year gate paper as a mock which are available on gateoverflow .

Now , after the semester ends , It was around 45 days left . I gave around 30 Full length tests of Made Easy , Gateoverflow and some free All india mock tests of Applied Gate  and 3 Centre based tests in that period  and revised as much as possible . Before 12-15 days of exam I stop giving any test and just focused on PYQs once again and revised all those short notes and mistakes that I done in my tests.  

I would like to thank the whole GO team specially @Arjun Sir for creating such a great community for the cse gate aspirants.

Also, I would personally like to thank @vermaAshish, @Satbir for helping me endlessly to clarify my doubts.

Thanks to my family and some of my close friends for always supporting and inspiring me.

Thank you so much!

My advice to all the future aspirants :

  1. Instead of covering everything in something , first cover something in everything .
  2. Have a good command over the PYQs . Try to solve them at least 3-4 times.
  3. Purchase any test series but complete all of  its test.
  4. Never loose hope , Follow and enjoy the process rather than worrying about the results.
  5. Don’t took the test series marks and rank seriously. Its good that you got to know your mistakes before the main exam ,so you won’t repeat it there.
  6. Surround yourselves with positive people .
  7. Follow some motivational speakers, read some self help books and most important watch and read the testimonials of toppers when you feel low .

Best wishes to all of you , DM me for any query and once again thanks to the whole GO team .

You can go through my answer on quora on Strategy of 3 hrs Gate paper – https://www.quora.com/What-was-your-3-hour-strategy-for-the-GATE-CSE-2020-exam/answer/Sandeep-Verma-525

P.S. : GOT AIR -262 IN GATE CS-2021 ALSO.


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