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So let’s talk about M.Tech placements in IIIT A.

Before you question my authenticity , I’m the current placement coordinator of M.Tech at IIIT Allahabad so you are reading the most accurate stats and opinions.

Disclaimer : Note that the following answers are purely personal.

Question : What’s the average CTC of a M.Tech IT Student(2020 Passing out batch) at IIIT Allahabad?

Ans : Average : 14Lakhs.
Highest : 34Lakhs.
Lowest : 6Lakhs.
Median CTC : 11.75Lakhs.
Placed / Unplaced : 67 / 13

Question : Does that mean every student is making 1.16Lakh/Month (14Lakhs / 12 = 1.16 Lakhs) ?

Ans : No, that’s far from the truth. There is a huge difference between CTC and Net Monthly Take Home. For example, if a famous company offers 29.5 Lakhs in CTC, it doesn’t translate to 2.45 Lakhs/Month. The take home is somewhere between 1.14 to 1.20 Lakh/Month.

Question : Wait, where did the rest of the money go?

Ans : That’s where the game is. This company which offered 29.5Lakhs might be giving 16 to 17 Lakhs as Base Package(Take home per year) and 1 to 2 lakhs of Joining Bonus + Relocation Bonus (Paid one time at starting) and rest everything is RSUs or ESOPs which will vest in anytime between 1–5 years.

Question : I have heard B.Tech’s placement is great and M.Tech’s placement is shit, How true is this?

Ans : No, If a company has allowed M.Tech then they do not differentiate based on degree. They want to hire good programmers and many times M.Tech students could not compete with their B.Tech peers. However, things have changed this year to a minor extent. In my batch(2020) we had a few quality programmers who performed on par with B.Tech students if not better.

Question : Hey Sumanth! That’s all fine but not all companies allow M.Tech students, or do they?

Ans : Yes, not all companies allow M.Tech students. However all top companies starting from the likes of Amazon, Flipkart, Walmart, Uber, etc. allow M.Tech students sometimes even with higher CTC than B.Tech students. Out of around 140 companies that visited for the 2020 batch, M.Tech students were allowed to sit in 70+ companies. If you still think that 70 opportunities are not enough for you to land a great job, I would say be positive and focus on the opportunities available at hand rather than worrying. Even If you are a decent programmer I have got no doubt that you will work wonders and surprise yourself with the CTC you would draw.

Question : Fine sir. I accept now that there are enough opportunities however, are B.Tech students too strong with their coding skills ? Sir, do we even stand a chance against them?

Ans : Competition is strong. There’s no denying that, but no one ever has all the advantages. Let’s figure out ways to get those lucrative offers!

There are a total of 300 questions. Once you solve all of these standard questions, you will walk into an interview confidently knowing that you will do well.

Question : But sir, I have heard the course structure is hectic. Will we get anytime to work on coding?

Ans : Yes, the course is a bit time consuming compared to other colleges (24hrs of classes per week plus assignments on top of them), but my batch did very well at placements despite all this. Instead of being pessimistic, let’s use time smartly and balance academics + coding.

Question : Sir, my score is xyz and my category is abc. Can I get a seat in IIITA?

Ans : Please check the cutoff on gatecse website or CCMT website.

I have written the same post on medium and will keep on updating it as and when I get new questions. You can check that out too.

That’s all for now. If you have any further doubts you can reach out to me on facebook. I would like to thank my friend Bavani for helping me edit this post! :)

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