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Which spoon am I talking about? I'll come to it.

A baby crow is pushed out by mother as soon as it grows up. But this rarely happens in humans. The current generation especially is taken care of by parents so much that they do not know anything. Not true for everyone but for many. This is not only true of parents but also teachers. Teachers are forced to spoon feed the students due to pressure. So, in the end students know only to read and by heart notes which fails them when it comes to competitive exams like GATE.

Okay, now most of you are not parents or teachers but GATE aspirants. Still, why are you doing the same mistake to your friends/juniors? Do you think sharing your notes is going to give them a top rank? I also did this during my bachelors and later only realized my mistake. One can learn only by doing it himself. If you have learned, tell others how you did it-- but not what you learned. When you share a resource think if it is going to help others. There was a big demand for handwritten notes on gatecse site and only I objected to it. My point was to only give "quality" resources. Many people won't agree to it, but quality is what it takes to reach top 100. There is no short cut to success- you have to make your brain work and study the hardway. So, rather than giving your notes or shortcuts to your friends/juniors tell them to learn the subjects properly from standard resources as per GATE syllabus and to do previous year questions. Otherwise you are just ensuring that they never reach top 100 - I hope no one is doing this intentionally to reduce competition. 

The spoon I told early does not stop here. Let me ask you some questions:

  1. How to apply for MS?
  2. How to make an SOP?
  3. How to make a resume?
  4. How to apply at IIT?
  5. How to even fill an application form?

No one is expected to know answers to these, but at 20+ and especially from CSE you all must be able to find answers to these yourself. There is no excuse in giving a resume in doc format -- even science students know to make them in PDF. Never wait for someone to teach you stuffs. Do it yourself with your own hand and not with someone's spoon. Always make you standout from the rest-- even in a resume. When you thrive for excellence you will get help also. Stop using your senior's resume/projects and giving excuse that everyone does it; unless you want to be useless.

You are all CS graduates. This time last year Pragy - who had once failed in B.Tech. made this app - which saved the anxiety for CS GATE takers by telling their results a month early- yes he just mocked the GATE results with his programming/analytical skill. He is now in IITB and without knowing anything I can say that he will be topping there. So, instead of worrying about GATE results- which is anyway not going to help, I recommend you to do something useful for you as well as others- but certainly not sharing your preparation materials - because that just takes away people from reaching a top 100.

Rather than giving a fish, teach a hungry man fishing; that will give him food for lifetime

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+100 votes well said sir... from now i will implement this is my lyf.... but one thing if we get some notes we should use it like only stair to understant the standard concept not completely depand on them bcoz some times the words make the defination easy but the standard concept is always best they make the picture for life time
But if you read it from standard books, than there is no need to read someone's notes!
infinity votes sir, Well said. Really it has given a new aspect to things. The time after gate is to learn and grow.
You are right sir... Amazing advice.
Don't know what to say, just one word for you "respect"... Respect for what you have done for this community, respect for giving your valuable time, energy and most important your knowledge to people like me who needed most.. and yes spoon feeding will never make you successful, you have to work hard and find your own way, the people like you can show path but it's upto us to follow that path.Arjun sir, thank you very much for everything and yes we should learn and try to contribute something for this community or for our society  instead of craving about results, thank you sir!
Good One, Arjun. Thank you.
You are welcome. We always have enough toppers here and this time also no different. All the toppers here worked hard -- even many others did work hard but the difference is to do what that matters. Our job is to provide all the information - it is up to the aspirants to make full use of them. This includes analysing them to understand what subjects to concentrate, how much to study etc. There is no need to ask these to anyone as whole previous year GATE questions are available.