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We just had a major server upgrade and so some bugs are expected. Please list down any issue you are facing since today. You can also add any other bug which was already present.

Also, there are some new themes to try out if you are interested.

  1. Muffin Theme which has both Light and Dark Versions
  2. Frapuchino – for Desktop
  3. Aven
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Missing smiley issue is fixed now
Maybe trivial but I can't find my draft (last month's) blog anywhere
You mean it was there but currently got missing?
Sir my GO points usually don't get updated after an upvote even when the posts are not deleted :/ I haven't checked it very recently but this is what I have noticed even a week before or so.
Oh. For upvote on answer?
For comments I'm sure it wasn't getting updated but for answers I didn't notice..
Okay. Comment upvotes were given points by a plugin. Will check that.
The answers section is completely missing for me. Only the question is visible for all questions. I am using MBP 2017, Google Chrome  81.0.4044.138. Double checked in Safari and I am experiencing the same issue.
Can you see now?
Yes! Thanks.
sir my GO points have changed! (by -620)
It should be back soon. There was a change in point calculation but as it is messing up the monthly topper rankings, it is rolled back as of now.
(Sorry if I've misunderstood some features as bugs)

1.Donut theme desktop: comment upvote / downvote buttons are bigger, like the answers one.  

2. Activity on nav bar is renamed to Q&A.


Will add more soon, as I encounter them.
sir how to change the theme of go to dark

@toxicdesire vote buttons are now fine?

@PRANAVCOOL it is available as an option in Muffin theme. 

I means how to apply on your website where is the option
You have to go to your account page and choose the Muffin theme
Are you using a third party to build and maintain the site or is it just you? Please consider exposing the sites source code and making it open source. You will have a lot of support from loyal users to collaborate and help contribute to the site. :)
It is an open source CMS Q2A -- you can see link in footer. Waiting for your contribution :)

Another few,

1. Chrome warns about loading unsafe scripts.


2. Notifications take 10+ seconds to load, every time. 

3. I don't know if it's intentional, but  doesn't include blog comments/activity ?

Thanks. Issue 1 is fixed.

2. Had noticed that. Will be fixed soon.

3. Yes, Updates only includes the Question/answer part. We shall integrate exam/blog updates but might take time.
How's issue 2 now?

1. Thank you sir.

2. It's been fixed now, thank you. However, "Exams taken" section on also takes 15+ seconds to load, after clicking on the exam that was previously taken. 

3. Okay :) 

Exam results page should be loading faster now. Thanks for reporting 👍
Why are my points decreased by 530 :(
The point calculation formula is changed. We were waiting for the month start so that monthly points are not affected. Everyone's point would be affected.
My Verification is showing as "Not verified Yet" , but it was already verified a year ago.
Verification will automatically expire after 400 days unless you accumulate 5000 points.
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