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Hello friends !! Good morning..I was disappointed by whatever happened on the day of exam..I felt that I should write a post regarding this highlighting the issues which I felt to be worth mentioning here .Here are few of those points :

a) Out of syllabus questions : If I remember well then there are 2 out of syllabus questions from Compiler Design(related to code optimisation and code generation which are removed in the 2016 official GATE syllabus itself..Secondly there was a question on something related to vectors in engg maths which is also not there in the syllabus..So these obviously hamper the confidence of a normal student..

b) Lengthy : Some of the 1 mark questions I felt were like 2 marks questions..I mean they are time taking..(This is my personal opinion)..

c) Complex terminologies : Like the one in "birthday attack" question..

In summary hardly 1-2 questions were there in set 1 which I feel is direct..

But contrary to this , set 2 contained many direct questions and easier questions..

According to my previous experience of 2016 and on sincere analysis I did not find this much difference as it is this year.The 2015 papers were also well framed and the sets of 2015 were also well balanced..

According to me , the "out of syllabus" questions in set 1 should be addressed at least by organising committee..

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If Set 1 is tougher than set 2 Normalization will be there rt??
@bad engineer how was ur exam ? and which set have u given ? i think u have done hard work this year and me too but i m feeling hopeless should i repeat or not ?
i just feel we didnt get a chance to prove our potential .. and if the exam was just meant to contain questions on three subjects : CO CN and PROGRAMMING , why was the entire syllabus provided then?

Algorithms of merely one mark

dbms had nothing except queries

compilers didnt had parsing questions ..

I dont think it is at all justified. The brilliance of paper setting would have been proved if the paper contained tricky questions but atleast they ought to be of the syllabus .

Moreover , someone is a great coder is likely to have better chances in securing in this than the ones who studied for entire one year.

I think some organization should definitely pay heed to all the students who have rendered so much turmoil .
@Mallika I disagree with the fact that the paper should contain question from parsing. Should they ask student for paper? Which questions you want in paper? You can't argue on that and should accept the fact that they can set the paper as they like. The point is the difference in set 1 and set 2. If paper is difficult it should be for everyone. If it is easy it should be for everyone. Don't you think if paper will be set accordingly then there is no point in reading the whole syllabus. No one will read Storage memory topic. They will just focus on pagging and round robin and in compiler only parsing.

exactly .. the paper (set 1 ) was difficult for everyone .. and moreover by mentioning parsing i just wanted to lay emphasis on thefact that the entire paper majorly contained  only three subjects which is not justified..

set 2 on the other hnd left scope for students to even try attempting the questions , but set 1 left us with no choice .
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