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Hi Everyone,


I am Abhilash Bhardwaj ( ), last time (DRDO- Advt -136 for Scientist-B) I was one of selected students for Scientist -B position in Computer Science discipline. 


I will include some of my experiences so that it can help future aspirants to crack this examination. I request you to read the entire post.


First I am including last year question papers:


DRDO CS-Paper 1 

DRDO CS- Paper 2 


Some suggestions related to Descriptive Examination:

  • First of all you must complete the entire gate syllabus, and don’t start with additional syllabus. Major portion consist of GATE CS syllabus except Hypervisor in OS and some other topics.

  • Now come to cyber security, Whatever syllabus is mentioned you can do them but last year trend reflect major element of network security like buffer overflow attacks, TCP SYN flooding attack, DNS spoofing attack, DNS Cache Poisoning, Man-in-the-middle, Ping to death attack, Denial of service attack, DDoS and many more. So focus should be given to them as well. (Soon I will try to make a consolidated list of attacks and issues.)

  • For Machine Learning , Last year asked questions on Simple linear regression, TF-IDF representation of Text documents, Overfitting and underfitting problems and some elements of classification problems. ML is a wide area, so you cannot cover each and everything. ( Here also I will try to make a list of topics you should read.)

  • Again, my request is to start with the GATE syllabus,  (GATE aspirants have only solved objective questions), here we need to solve everything like semester examination in a neat and clean way. Here questions can be like building CLR tables, proving using pumping lemma, writing code for Dining Philosopher Problem, Writing assembly language programs etc. So you need to change your strategy slightly. Rather than asking how many NAND gates required for XOR, they will ask you to draw it. 

  • For additional topics like ML and Security, interested people can contact me. 


I will post my DRDO interview experience after descriptive examination. 


Thanks for reading !!!

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I found that below Link Might be use full for prepration

Hi Abhilash Sir

Thank You for this post.

Since you are currently in BARC, could you please tell us about the OCES/DGFS Online Exam this year? When will the results get published?

Also, please throw some light on the number of posts for Computer Science candidates.

Thanks & Regards
Sir, any rough estimate of GATE Score cutoff for shortlisting for the descriptive exam?
Hi, due to pandemic many of official are not coming to office, also they must be waiting for public transport to reopen. Last year 8 seats were there in CS, so I hope this year it will be near to that only.
@iamrohit 1:25 ratio is there. Last year it was beyond 700 rank of gate. This year number of vacancies are also less.
This Year 12 seats for General category. All total 31 seats for CSE as per the advertisement.
Could anyone please explain to me the meaning of the 1:25 ratio? I am not getting how is this method of shortlisting is being used?

For each seat 25 candidates will be shortlisted. @haralk10

Hi @kumarab Could you share those consolidated list of Network attacks?
Please also tell us if they ask questions from final project (in interview) or not. Not in touch with app development 😅.
@ThunderSpark Will share it soon.
@RasMalal In my case they did not ask any question from project. Focus more on descriptive as it has maximum weightage (85%)

my GATE 2020 rank is 591 in GEN Category. Score: 725. Should I bother applying? Any odds of getting shortlisted for descriptive exam?
@kumarab Thank you in advance!
@Abhisheksawarn608 You should apply. Last yr cutoff was beyond 700 gate rank.
Hey @Abhilash what was the cutoff of descriptive exam to get an interview call?
Hello sir , may I know please how much marks had you got in descriptive exam ? And what was your gate rank in 2019 ? And how was your DRDO interview experience.
Can you please tell how long did it take from form submission to final selection ? Thank you.

I mean date of descriptive exam , interview , final result .

Thank you.

Voila Guys ! DRDO has increased vacancy from 167 to 311 in all Part-I , Part-II & Part-III disciplines.

Guys I'm preparing for this year Exam.If anyone else here is also preparing and have past experience , kindly provide me previous year papers for DRDO Scientist-B Exam. Thank You in advance.