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This is a discussion blog for all the people appeared in set1.In my little knowledge of GATE for 2 years, this time i found that there was hell and heaven differences among two sets

well we can do nothing about it..except suffering..But in set 1 there was 2 question from Code optimization

1 from Matrix vector

1 from Gaussian probability , a total of 4 questions were OUT OF SYLLABUS

So i need a suggestion, should we mail IIT Roorkee to adress AT LEAST the Out of syllabus questions properly

what do you guys say?

posted Feb 13, 2017 in Others by Boss | 1,869 views


When will the question paper be available?
yes, u r rihgt there was a lot of difference b/w two slots....
According to me. The difference between two set is very much unfair. How much normalisation you do. Hard paper affect the performance, even in the examination hall too. When a person is unable to solve a lot of question in a row. His / Her confidence become very low and even for experienced candidate it's hard to be cool and only focus on the question. People actually prepare for that 3 hours for the whole year. That's what make them more nervous and they are unable to do good. Plus a time management issue also arises. You just can't look at a question and declare it out of syllabus. We have to give 3-4 minutes. And an hard question requires 2 read as well. So my suggestion is that there are hell lot of colleges in INDIA for conducting an exam in one go. I don't know why they opted for such a solution. GATE is getting more depended on luck then ability, Last time I was unlucky, I prepared hard but got stuck. This time I even didn't read everything properly but I was lucky. I have friends who prepared this more harder than previous year and they deserve more marks then me. I can feel the pain of all the people who were again scheduled for set 1. IIT should stop this unfair game and should not schedule everything in one go otherwise. Student will have to wait for there luck rather than preparing for concepts.
Well said. You completely narrated the truth. Now education in India depends on luck moreover a lottery system with no due consideration to hard work and concepts. This is disgusting.
Gaussian distribution = normal distribution.Therefore, not out of syllabus.
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