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Hello Everyone....!!

Here is the most awaited post of GATE Overflow TEST SERIES for GATE CSE - 2021.

You can check the complete details of the Test Series in the below link....!! If you have any doubts can drop a comment to this post..!!


EDIT: The test series will be as per the updated syllabus for GATE 2021 and will be having Multiple Select Questions from mid August onwards. 


Features of the Test Series

  1. All questions newly formed and verified by GATE Overflow team
  2. Emphasis on coverage of all question types in GATE 
  3. Both technical as well as grammatical errors are proofread before test creation
  4. Tests can be taken any time from the creation date
  5. Detailed solution will be provided for all the test questions with option for commenting doubts
  6. Questions will be on GATE Overflow site and visible only to those who have taken tests
  7. Any change in answer key will be updated immediately and notified to all takers
  8. Any wrongly answered question will be automatically added to “Wrongly Attempted” Question list which you can view anytime for revision
  9. Tests consists of three types
    1. 21 Subject wise tests which includes 20 two-marks and 10 one-marks questions for 50 marks and 90 minutes
    2. 5 Mix-subjects tests which will include questions from multiple subjects and same marking scheme as subject wise tests
    3. 5 full length mock tests in the exact format as actual GATE (65 questions, 100 marks, 180 minutes)
  10. Test Interface can be tried here (Tests by Mentors and Previous year tests are available for GATE, UGCNET etc. which can be taken freely by any user)

Click here for Schedule of GATE Overflow Test Series for GATECSE 2021

Subscribe Now for Rs. 1200 

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Hello Sir, i just subscribed for GO test series, but there is no link for full length test. I actually subscribed to attempt full length test. :(. Please help.
Full-length tests will be added soon.
Yes, it'll be up late tonight or early morning tomorrow. A few more fixes needed.
Thank you sir for the quick update. :)
Hi! Just purchased the GO test series, is there anything else that i have to do or can i take the tests now?
Is the full length mock test 2 live?
@Soumya Saurav. Don't take mock on the day itself. Wait for 2-3 days. They will correct mistakes. Last time I took it immediately after it went live and there were many errors. So its good to wait 2-3 days
@s1mple0 yes that is understandable, but the mock test 2 was supposed to unlock on 4th Jan, and today is 9th Jan, so i was wondering what's up with the delay.
Mock2 will be up by Monday. Schedule is updated slightly to finish all the mock tests by January 31. If more people are doing well as in Mock 1, we might add another mock by February 7 -- live only for a day just to give a real feel for GATE.
Thanks for all the hard work, I am really enjoying the tests!
You are welcome. Very pleased to see the performance of test takers too.
Hi, just curious if there are any updates regarding the mock 2.
Hi, could you please update us about the Mock Tests ?