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GO Test Series for GATE CSE 2022

Hello Everyone....!!

Here is the most awaited post of GATE Overflow TEST SERIES for GATE CSE - 2021.

You can check the complete details of the Test Series in the below link....!! If you have any doubts can drop a comment to this post..!!


EDIT: The test series will be as per the updated syllabus for GATE 2021 and will be having Multiple Select Questions from mid August onwards. 


Features of the Test Series

  1. All questions newly formed and verified by GATE Overflow team
  2. Emphasis on coverage of all question types in GATE 
  3. Both technical as well as grammatical errors are proofread before test creation
  4. Tests can be taken any time from the creation date
  5. Detailed solution will be provided for all the test questions with option for commenting doubts
  6. Questions will be on GATE Overflow site and visible only to those who have taken tests
  7. Any change in answer key will be updated immediately and notified to all takers
  8. Any wrongly answered question will be automatically added to “Wrongly Attempted” Question list which you can view anytime for revision
  9. Tests consists of three types
    1. 21 Subject wise tests which includes 20 two-marks and 10 one-marks questions for 50 marks and 90 minutes
    2. 5 Mix-subjects tests which will include questions from multiple subjects and same marking scheme as subject wise tests
    3. 5 full length mock tests in the exact format as actual GATE (65 questions, 100 marks, 180 minutes)
  10. Test Interface can be tried here (Tests by Mentors and Previous year tests are available for GATE, UGCNET etc. which can be taken freely by any user)

Click here for Schedule of GATE Overflow Test Series for GATECSE 2021

Subscribe Now for Rs. 1200. (The test access will be removed by May 15 and those who are subscribing for GATE 2022 please wait until May 1 when new schedule and subscription shall be shared) 

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Mock2 will be up by Monday. Schedule is updated slightly to finish all the mock tests by January 31. If more people are doing well as in Mock 1, we might add another mock by February 7 -- live only for a day just to give a real feel for GATE.
Thanks for all the hard work, I am really enjoying the tests!
You are welcome. Very pleased to see the performance of test takers too.
Hi, just curious if there are any updates regarding the mock 2.
Hi, could you please update us about the Mock Tests ?
It will be live soon.
sir ,it's already 17th
Mock 2 are live now.

Sir how do I download my test report after attempting the test?? Normally I download the test report right after attempting the test. I attempted the graph theory topic test but I forgot to download the test report and closed it accidentally. Now there is no option to download it.


Click on "Result" at top right corner of your scores..

No such button on my dashboard

hover mouse over "Taken <Date>" (or anywhere in that area) , it'll appear
Nope, it doesn't. I have tried everything.
then only someone from the officials can help you..

you have to click on "result", clicking somewhere else(like on date, your score) won't work, and "result" option will only appear after hovering mouse in that area.


I think problem is because of dark theme, it appears, but font is black, so either look very carefully, or switch to light theme..

Yep, the problem was the theme 😅. I can see the button now. Actually I have always used the dark theme on this website.
What are the expected dates for release of Mock 3 & 4 ?
Mock 3 will be added soon.

sir today i have purchased gate overflow test series but i am not able to take test please help me i am sending you the payment details

sir please revert back as soon as possible
Can you check again?
Hey, just for curosity i am asking why suddenly i get access to exam without paying money .. i also get mail..not a loss for me but just want to know how it happened ?

You are the top user in csedoubts for this week , so you got free access for GO Test Series 2021. 

@Arjun Sir Will there be a test on February 7 -- live only for a day?
yes. Live on February 8. Ranks to be published on February 11. (One can take test even after that but without rank).


Arjun Sir, can you help me with this doubt? i have explained everything in the comment section..

Please help me to find out what am i doing wrong here? really need some guidance in this problem.

@Arjun Sir, is the Test on 8th Feb Mock 4 or will Mock 4 be published separately before that ?
Are the questions in mock harder than gate level?

I felt that way :(

@s1mple0 I noticed that even the easier/mechanical questions (like boolean minimization, minimum spanning tree cost calculation) are more time consuming than usual (large expressions, large graphs, etc). I think it's done on purpose - to hustle you and see how you deal with time.

Even with these kinds of questions, I see that people are able to score in the 60s and 70s, so it's definitely doable. I think the trick is to keep moving/keep the pace and do multiple revision passes. Some questions look big, for eg DFA state minimization, but on trying them after the test I noticed that they were actually quite easy and I missed them due to rush.

In actual GATE there will be 4-5 questions you should skip -- so you should get used to identifying them :) I think mock4 is more closer to actual GATE. Mocks 1-3 had very little freebies - which are there in actual GATE for 15-20 marks at least. Actual GATE can be hard or easy -- it being harder is better for those who prepared well. Again 2 sessions are there -- so whether hard or easy, only relative performance matter. If exam is hard -- you should skip hard questions and maximize whatever mark is possible. If exam is easy - you should answer maximum questions without error.

Arjun Sir How normalization will have an affect this time as we have paper in two slots ?

You should not think about normalization now. And the formula remains the same as it does not have a "year" paremeter :)
Dear Sir,
For the last two-three days, there is some problem with the GO platform. Pages are taking a lot of time to load and sometimes it's showing Error 522.
Since these are very important days, just for being on the safer side. Please look into this. I'm very much dependent on this beautiful platform.
I thought I was the only one having this issue. Thanks for bringing it to notice.
Out of context:

mark read feature is not working. I tried all the themes and none worked.

Should be fine now :) @neel19 Have you tried since yesterday?

no, the site is too slow.
yes Sometimes it show error too

@gatecse Sir, sometimes the site takes too much time to load. Please look into this.

Last few days left for GATE and this site being the MOST and ONLY reliable source of PYQ.

Servers and network are following congestion control, I guess. :P
Hi, any updates on the last mock test?
I have removed some time consuming components from site - yes we are having very high usage over last week or so.

Last mock test - will be live by Monday night.
Can you tell what are these "time consuming components" ? Just curious. Thanks.
You can just see which all are removed since yesterday :) It is actually a performance bug -- need to fix that and reactivate.

When we buy plugins we usually check only the functionality. Only when tested on a high load scenario performance issue can be noticed.
Arjun sir, will the test on 8th feb be live for the whole day? I mean can we give the test on 8th at any time of the day and we will get the ranks? If not then what period of time will it be live?
It'll be live from tomorrow morning 6am until Wednesday evening 11:59pm for ranking purpose.
Arjun sir, if possible please jumble 1 and 2 mark questions in Technical section, as recently completed non CS papers were given in that way, so it will be helpful.
Yes, we'll have jumble option for all tests in GO soon.
@gatecse I have purchased the test series for my pgee prep....When will I get access to the tests? right now I am getting redirected to the test info page.
@arjun, @gatecse sir i need the test series, is it still valid, please help me out.
Was never thinking about subscribing for this test series for PGEE exam. Anyway tests wont be removed until May 15 as updated in the post. Those who subscribe should automatically get access if they are using GO email ID. Or else can mail to [email protected]