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Hello Everyone....!!

Here is the most awaited post of GATE Overflow TEST SERIES for GATE CSE - 2021.

You can check the complete details of the Test Series in the below link....!! If you have any doubts can drop a comment to this post..!!


EDIT: The test series will be as per the updated syllabus for GATE 2021 and will be having Multiple Select Questions from mid August onwards. 


Features of the Test Series

  1. All questions newly formed and verified by GATE Overflow team
  2. Emphasis on coverage of all question types in GATE 
  3. Both technical as well as grammatical errors are proofread before test creation
  4. Tests can be taken any time from the creation date
  5. Detailed solution will be provided for all the test questions with option for commenting doubts
  6. Questions will be on GATE Overflow site and visible only to those who have taken tests
  7. Any change in answer key will be updated immediately and notified to all takers
  8. Any wrongly answered question will be automatically added to “Wrongly Attempted” Question list which you can view anytime for revision
  9. Tests consists of three types
    1. 21 Subject wise tests which includes 20 two-marks and 10 one-marks questions for 50 marks and 90 minutes
    2. 5 Mix-subjects tests which will include questions from multiple subjects and same marking scheme as subject wise tests
    3. 5 full length mock tests in the exact format as actual GATE (65 questions, 100 marks, 180 minutes)
  10. Test Interface can be tried here (Tests by Mentors and Previous year tests are available for GATE, UGCNET etc. which can be taken freely by any user)

Click here for Schedule of GATE Overflow Test Series for GATECSE 2021

Subscribe Now for Rs. 1200 

posted May 26 in From GO Admins
edited 1 day ago by


sir can you please add amazon pay wallet in the wallet section to pay for the test series if possible
hello, I want to know that all the tests will launch as per schedule or in one go ?????

or what is the timetable to attempt the tests???
It'll be online as per the given schedule.

@pranav sorry. Adding more payment options is not possible as of now.
Will the test have to be taken on the scheduled time only or it can be taken anytime after scheduled date?

@Satyaki Guha

You can give test anytime after the schedule date or on the scheduled date.

Can somebody purchase it after June 7,

if yes, what will be it's price?
The price will be the same till June 30th.
where can i see tests?

First test will be live by 6pm tomorrow as per schedule. You can check this link for same: From next week onwards the registered people will get an email link for same. 

thanks for the response.
for doubt clearing what will be the process?

Any group will be created or the same as GO Comment and reply process?
All questions will be on GO only and visible for those who have taken. And doubts if any will be cleared through comments as usual.

It is visible to me and i haven't taken test.

Yes, Verbal ability questions are open. Some of the subject questions will be open to everyone.


I think Verbal Ability questions are not open for everyone, Because this link(

is directing me to Test Series Notification Page. Please let me know whether the verbal ability questions are available for everyone or not..? 

Edit 1:-

it's working fine now. thanks for the clarification.

It  is visible only for discussion, under questions section and not in exam section
I payed 1000 Rs 4 days ago but no any msg came to verify that you are purchased test series of gate overflow.

Your transaction was a failure right?

Payment Amount        1000.0    
    Payment Id        325392859    
    Merchant Transaction Id        609364-325392859    
    Date/Time of Transaction        2020-06-01 20:05:46.0    
    Failure Message        Transaction declined

@SarathBaswa please click on question

The price will be 1200/- post early bird offer.
I have purchased the test series. But till now, the second test of Aptitude has not appeared in my mail nor in Gate Overflow.

Second test is already live: 

The mail was sent to only those who gave Verbal Ability test, from next week it should be for all subscribers. 

Sir, Can I give the test on another day? Will it remain accessible even the test was live?
you can take test at any time and on any day after test was live.

The GATE prev yr  tests(full len and subject wise) that were free earlier are now locked and want me to pay 750rs

if i buy this test series can i use those tests as well or not??

The full length previous year tests can be taken by anyone rt? And subject wise previous year tests were for GATE2020 and those will be removed soon. When those are added for GATE2021, that will be free. The verified user subscription is only for the things mentioned here:
I have not recieved test series link yet .
I paid 1000 rupees but didn't get any testseries link , when i click to take test it ask me to pay again . please help
You have received right?
when will gate 2021 subwise pyq tests added??till then can we not give 2020 tests??
i tried giving few its asking me to pay 750rs
Yes , thanks for fast action . now i can give tests .

@Surya911 You're welcome.

@salini319 That was an error, you should be able to give them now. 

thankyou so much
sir , what about go classroom ?
If someone purchases the test series and after some time without giving any test requests for refund of money, then how much percent will be refunded?
Refund will be given for such cases if applied within a week. But for now, anyone can apply for cancellation until June 30.
on what time will be today's test?
Today's test will be late - either midnight or early tomorrow.
Can you check now?
Yeah, Now it's on.

@gatecse Arjun sir I paid for the test series on 4th June, 7:21PM. I tried to take the C Programming exam from this account (same email as the one I provided) but it keeps redirecting me back here. Is there anything else I need to do?

Can you try now?
Works now, thank you!
One point which I wanted to highlight, In digital logic 1 test what I have observed is nothing much has been covered from combinational circuits portion ( Week 7 - Digital Logic Preparation included combinational circuits). Please clarify if that will be covered in any upcoming test, as it was mentioned for Sequential Circuits portion which is going to be covered in mix test ? Is there any other placeholder where we can share feedback ?
yes, I guess only 2 questions were from Combinational Circuits. Any topic which is less represented in subjectwise tests will have more representation in Mix-subjects. Also some topics are less represented in subjectwise tests because they will be combined with other subjects for mix-subjects tests.
And for exam specfic queries, you can post on the exam page -- theres a Disqus comment box for it.
i am not able to take test. test interface not coming after clicking on link. it falls in a loop. please help.
You can check now.
Sir I have just paid 1200 for gate 2021 test series but when i try to give some test of 2021 it redirects me to the payment gateway.
Did you use a different email for payment?
yes sir
Sir when will i get the access?
You can check now for access..

It is said that the top contributors except the mods get free access to the test series but I cannot give. I am in the list in .

Please look into it. Thanks in advance.

@Mellophi You have the access to Test Series. Can check now and confirm...


Does the test series contain the new topics added for GATE 2021 ? If no, when they will be added ?
Yeah I can access thank you :)

Can I access it only for 1 week?

Test Series will be as per the updated syllabus.

@Mellophi Of course not. It'll be until GATE 2021.

gatecse Even my name is showing in the list of top users on, will I get access ? Thanks in advance.

"Weekly Top User": It is only one person per week. Not everyone in the list. Also, the top user at end of a week -- not on each day.
Thanks for the clarification.

Suppose if someone is the top user of the week, then should he ask you to give access to Test Series..?


 will they be given access automatically by you...?
it'll be automatic.
What do we need to do after paying the fees?
You can access complete Test Series from then..!!
sir, test summary of some free tests which i have taken months ago (like test by rituraj and Gate 2019 test) is not showing now...
oh. Can you show a screenshot of the exam results listing page?

Like this one--

If i click on Result then it tries to open but page doesn't load..


And i am not downloading every test result summary pdf.. hoping that it will be always available on GO

How do I access the "Wrongly Attempted" list? Is it combined for all tests, or separate for each test?

Go to the LISTS option on your left hand side and then go to wrongly attempted option.

@Verma Ashish That should work. I just checked. May be you tried when the server was busy. That takes some time to load.

Exam results will be there until GATE 2021. 

@arjun sir, can you please upload previous year GATE papers as tests themselves?

My Points are Not Increasing, Even though I'm Solving Doubts



Points will increase based on the rules for points. You wont get points for unwanted posts.

@Rohan They are already under "GATE" category
Sir When are you going to upload new schedule ?? for effective planning
It'll be done today
My test status is not getting updated, after submitting test it again says "You are yet to take this exam". I tried reloading and submit multiple times, but nothing worked. Sir please look into it.
How much time did you spend on the test? If it's too less, test result will be ignored.
In first attempt only 20 minutes were left.

@arjun sir 

Gateoverflow website is not showing result after giving previous year full paper exam. after submitting  “” this link is not showing anything completely blank. i am observing it from 3 days. i gave 2019, 2018 previous year but result is not coming. please check this.

when i am attending 10 20 question and then submit then it is showing result but if i solve all questions then submitting then this “” is unresponsive. i am facing it everyday. 


@gatecse “” is unresponsive.

Gateoverflow website is not showing result after giving previous year full paper exam. after submitting  “” this link is not showing anything completely blank. i am observing it from 3 days. i gave 2019, 2018 previous year but result is not coming. please check this.


Are you seeing the result button on those exam pages? Please do not post repeated messages. No tagging works on the site as they have been removed due to abusive usage.
Yes result button is showing but after clicking on that nothing is coming.just  Blank page will be there.
Can you try once more now?
Just now I checked still it is showing nothing. Can you please once see it. I am facing this issue after every test completion.
This is not reproducible to us. I would suggest to try in incognito mode. Some previous cache data might be causing this.
I tried every possibility incognito , other browser all this but nothing is working. Same blank page coming.
Being a serious issue would you mind sending your password to [email protected] ?
Sent. Pls check your mail.
Even there is false update of marks in result section.

For example: I already gave the test earlier with some x marks.

Now I gave it again with y marks.

But, unfortunately my marks are updated to 0.
yes that is also happening with me in GATE2020 test. after this test for me now no result is coming. @yarunsharma have you given any previous year gate full length test within these 7 days and able to see the result .
when i inspect the element i got this error is coming ."Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 500 (Internal Server Error)"
Thanks. Can you see now?
Thanku so much. Now able to see everything perfectly
Great. You're welcome 😊
Sir i have taken GO Test Series 2021  But i am not getting discussion page where i can find detailed explanation  please help...
You can click on questions, solutions is there.

sir please check these screenshots i am getting on clicking on question

Did you take a fake test? Unless you spend some 20 minutes at least on the test, you result will be ignored and you wont be able to see the questions too.
sir i have spend 27 minutes on test is that is what is the issue is ? Arjun SIr Thanks for your reply.
That should be enough. Was result page displayed to you?
yes result page has displayed
Oh. Can you quickly retake the test for at least 1 minute and see?
still same issue? sir please resolve the issue asap Thanks.
You're having access to DM-1 questions. You're logged in while seeing the page rt? Also have you checked view only previous year questions on your account page?
Thanks to gatecse problem is resolved actually my setting was to see questions only.
Sir you are not uploading tests according to schedule ?? Why is that sir ??
Yesterdays test will be up today. All other tests are already up as per schedule rt?
Hi Team,

I paid for the GO test series 2021 ( Payment id- 356196295) but the web page did not refresh back to GO page, got struck at payment successfully page. Please help me in resolving this issue.
You have got access rt?
I got access to test series. Thank you.
sir ,i have registered and paid for the test series but no credentials and password for the test series came in
You should have got access rt? Just to know, are emails not being coming for tests?
nothing cam,no confirmation from gateoverflow or anything like that .only a paymentconfirmation
Oh okay. I'll check. But you have access and can take tests now.
this may look silly ,if you can help me with the link of the test page .Thank you

It is there on the schedule link of the post

You can also see the Exams tab -- because there are a lot of other tests too available there. 

thank you so much ,but on clicking on it ,it's showing you are yet to take the test .But  am not getting any link to sit for the test , i mean the topic tests ones
You have to click on Take Test button there.
sir after clicking on take exam link it is taking me to next page where there are fields for registration no and password but no Take Test button is there
Probably you must be using zoom on your browser. If you make it 100% or lower zoom, submit button should come.
thank you, sir it was the problem

I have made the payment.payment Id - 365044082.when I will get the access

in my go test series database test 1 is still not uploaded which was supposed to be uploaded on 5 october. what shud i do now
Database test is already up -- you can see on exams page.

@mrinmoy you should have access already
sir in my go test series mix test 3 is not showing up but its uploading date was 12 october.
Mix3 will be up only by tomorrow. Sorry for the delay.
unable to login to these tests...when I am clicking on take test button it is showing this schedule page. why is it so? Admins please help.
where is the website to access the test series. i have paid the money  but not finding out how to access the tests.

@Anwesha_Mishra Can you see now?

@amitkumar.chottu58 The welcome email might have gone to spam. You can access the tests via the "Exams" tab of this site or the Test exams are indexed here: -- this link is given as "Schedule" in this post. 


please do reply doubts regrading test series question.I don't get any reply of my comment.