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IIT Tirupati online interview experience:

There were 4 professors and questions were mostly based on our SOP and our areas of interest. The interview was conducted on zoom and lasted about 30 minutes.
P1: Why do you want to get back to studies after 3 years of experience?

P2: I see that you're from EC background. So why switch to CSE?

P1: Explains (mentions names of) areas the research is going on in IIT Tirupati

P3: You've given your research area as Computing in education. What's your motivation?

....After answering.....

P3: I see that you're interested in that area but why not join a startup? Why MS?

.....After answering.....

P1: We don't directly work on Ed tech. We research areas that can be later applied to Ed tech.

P3: What improvement do you feel can be done there based on your experience?

P1: We see that you've mentioned ML as second area of interest. I'd give you a question and tell me how would you approach it. There are random points on a plane. You have to find if any 3 points lie on the same line
....Answered after thinking for 3 minutes.....

P4: I'd ask you a few questions on your final year project. Why do you have a cyclic prefix


P4: What kind of interference does cyclic prefix deal with?

P4: What is a fourier transform.

...I had completely forgotten that topic. So answered in my own way. They didn't look satisfied.

P4: Since you've done software development, what was the most complex software you've written


P4: In software development, how should modules be arranged? What kind of coupling we need? Why?

P4 and P1: Have you used Linux?

...Told them I wasn't allowed to at my workplace and so didn't even find the need to use it personally....

P2: Are you willing to work on any fields apart from these? Are you okay with FPGA and SOC?

P1: Thanks for attending. We're done. You may leave the interview.


Since I had lost touch of EC, I couldn't answer a few questions on final year project. But those questions were very basic. Most probably will get rejected. But keeping fingers crossed 🤞
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