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PGEE 2020 was conducted on 24th June 2020. I took it, my center was Rajkot, Gujarat. As they do not publish previous year papers, I thought some immediate memory-based topics which were most asked in the paper would be useful in coming years.

First paper was Aptitude:

  • Syllogism was asked extensively, prepare it really nice.


  • Comprehension based questions were easy, not much in content, but you must be ready to read longer paras than in GATE.


  • The questions based on figures(which is figure is different), those were as extensive as syllogism.  I haven't saw much of them in GATE/maybe a few, but in PGEE, it was asked with intent!


  • Some questions were like find out wrong word, recognize pattern(total around 5 questions from these topics.)

Overall, I would say level was definitely greater than GATE2020, but a basic knowledge on concepts of Aptitude will surely get you through this.

I don't remember what sort of Engineering Maths was asked.

Let's come to technical part, which is Computer Science and Engineering. I am not as sure in this as I am in Aptitude(Regarding which topics were asked), but I request every other student who took exam to add content to this blog, and make it complete!

  • C programming. It was asked. Really many questions, and good ones, like some good questions of GATE. Pointers were heart of all the C programming questions.


  • DSA. It was obvious, and it was asked. Most of them was based on Directed, Undirected, Weighted, MST, algorithms of MST. Make all permutations of topics of DSA I listed, and you will find questions. Be good in this, as they were not straight forward questions. You may find yourself in a good position if you have done these topics from CLRS.


  • DLD, COA was little. DLD-Mux simple question. COA-Basics only(I don't remember much about this subject, but GATE level prep should be more then enough)


  • Operating system was asked, GATE level I can say. If you know concepts well, easy walk.


  • Computer Networks, same as GATE level


  • Discrete Maths. It was asked, set, relations, functions were the topics. I would say definition of some basic things like symmetric, antisymmetric, and asymmetric relations etc(many definitions are there in DM) were the key part, previous year GATE questions, if you have done with proper understanding,  then DM should be easy walk too.

Interface was same as GATE. No negative marking in any section. 90 minutes for each section. We could not start 2nd section until we completed 90 minutes of the first, even if we answered all the Aptitude questions. No calculator, not even digital as we get in GATE was there. No questions with more than one options correct were there. Last year also, it was like this. I think are have done with this type of questions.


Hope you find it useful, and get admission in IIITH. I request all the students who took PGEE 2020 (CSE) to add their experiences and topics which were asked.

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This was my first attempt in pgeee. Questions were good and I loved solving the problems ,just a query does anyone have any idea regarding what's the cutoff usually is?

@ they don't publish any cutoff or score or anything of that sort

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