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Hello everyone peace and blessing be upon you all.

My name is Musavir Khaliq I appeared in last year gate and due to stumbling in last months i landed at 5126 rank. I am once again preparing from scratch and building up.

Its tough sometimes to prepare regularly. We may feel down sometimes for that vary reason to boost myself and everyone reading this I am sharing the strategy I am using you can follow along and also suggest somethings from your side

I have scoped whole subjects i.e. made a spreadsheet for every subject which contains all the topics of that subject. I am practicing questions from GO pdf and GeekforGeeks I have written all topics from GO and GeekforGeeks along with number of questions as shown below.

In first round I solve GeekforGeeks note question which i didn’t solve or were a bit difficult then in Second round I am solving GO pdf. I am planning to revise as many times as I can. For every question I am alloting myself 3 minutes of time.By Knowing number of questions in a subject I roughly figure out how much time a subject will Require.

This is the way by which I am tracking my performance. I am regularly giving Tests from a test series which I purchased.

I am also making a daily plan a day before as follows.

I note down everything to do on coming day even when to use social media to keep everything organized

when I read I use an app anki for active recalling(best known method for studying).I only make questions while reading and after reading I answer them and type there answers in the app anki along with question. During revision time i open the app on my phone or laptop and start seeing these question and trying to answer them.Studying is not how much you take in its how much you take out.Then I plan revision of the topics covered beforehand by following space repetition (again a proven method for effective studying) i.e. I do my first revision after after 7 days then after 14 days then after a month and so on doubling time span after every revision you may follow you own time span between revisions. I highly recommend to make notes in question answer format not penning down every detail as that detail is already in the books. Try to take information out of brain while revising not just brushing up by re-reading or highlighting.

here is the screenshot of the app(Anki) I use for making questions and answers. It would require a separate blog on how to use it but you should learn how to use it it is worth learning.

I am partially solving previous year questions , not all because I am keeping them for practicing after first revision and take them as tests from GO. As far as standard books as I have already prepared earlier I use Standard books if i didn’t know a topic and sometimes also solve exercise questions from standard books.For Freshers do follow standard books and take videos and other content from GO as support 

If anyone wants spreadsheet

click the link below to see how to use them aand download there


Email me on [email protected]

I hope it will benefit someone. 

Thank you so much for reading this.

Peace & Love

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First of all thanks for the post especially for the anki part.I came to know about anki  first time when I read Akash Kanase's blog .

I have a doubt.During revision time do you use anki  itself or do you refer your notes

I use Anki as both questions and answers are written in application itself so you don't need to go for notes or books.In anki question pops up at top and on clicking view answer you can see the answer that you wrote earlier and verify whether you got the answer correct or not. If you still feel some doubt or you need additional information you can refer to books or notes then and add extra info in answer by editing the answer.

Got it! Thanks :)
Small suggestion from my side,

Avoid doing that hourly targets, because it will only put more pressure on you if you are running behind syllabus.

Instead put daily targets. It will save your time too.
I keep daily targets but span them hourly by writing which thing to do on what time.Thanks for your suggestion though.
Thanks it was helpful, I am also preparing for next year :)

After getting so many mails from you guys  on "how to use spreadsheets" i made a video 

along with all the spreadsheets there

click the link to watch video and download spreadsheets

I hope it will help you guys

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