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this year set 1 paper was designed like Gate IT previous paper with some illogical and lengthy question.

acc to rule you can not give more than 1 min ques in 1 mark and more than 2 min ques in 2 mark.

and in this paper even in database and programming questions are so lengthy first write on that small book and solve it takes so much time .

even set designer is so much irresponsible that he did not know about the syllabus of gate

when they can organize mechanical branch paper in 2 session means about 1.2 lac people at a time

then why not for all cse people they can't organize the paper in 1 session only (total of 1 lac people)

this time iit professor are so irresponsible that even they can not understand the difficulty level of these 2 paper

what is the mentality behind this to give set 2 paper that much easy

this time iit roorkee is so much irresponsible in designing of paper

we have to raise our voice to arrange paper in 1 session only
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@Priya I'm sorry. But you are talking nonsense. Because normalization is not pre deetermined- it works on actual performance data in exam. It is not a fixed 3-4 marks given to the tough set. What it basically does it approximately is to ensure there are equal number of people in any interval of ranks from both sets. If a set is tough, they get even +10 mark. See the result here:

@Priya, even if you file a case or tweet to PMO or education minister. nothing will change atleast for GATE17.

We are no one to tell them how to make a paper. for example:  You cann't say birthday attack problem was out of syllabus, it has never been asked till 2016, but In syllabus Network Security is written. No one knows to which depth.

I'll never complain about toughness of questions or questions being out of syllabus. I request them to set the toughest question set possible. I do not have a problem with that but why so much of difference between toughness levels of Set1 and Set2. Exam tha ya lottery !!! Set 2 aaya to "Pass" aur Set1 aaya to .................???

@Priya That is correct. Why this difference? From last year too we can conclude that the questions are not taken from an equal pool. For example last year apti set 1 was tough. Why this is happening - may be we can guess. Anyway it is practically impossible to ensure same difficulty unless standard of paper goes down.

So, normalization does a good job here. If one person is having high anxiety- a tough paper harms him/her whereas for a tough person it is good. But anxiety can harm even when exam is a single paper. Ideally there should be a single session- but normalization is not so bad. If you want to give some "valid" points against normalization, you can see here

Also Mechanical is only 2 sessions, it used to be 3 or even 4? When GATE give tender they say up to 100,000 students should be handled in a session. So, don't think it can go above this. The issue is even though more than 100,000 good centers are in India, they are not distributed across every state. Well, in 2 years things would have been changed and I'm sure if we put more pressure they can increase this limit to 120,000 and then GATE CSE will be a single session from 2019 (because I guess exam contract is already given till 2018).
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