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Due to covid-19 pandemic,this year MS selection consists only interview via Google meet.they sent a mail about shortlist,schedule & list of subjects to choose in a google form a week before.My slot was on 20th July, 9:00 – 13:30, panel – 1.On 20th July morning I got a call from a professor of IITM to get ready for the Interview.My interview was scheduled around 12:30.Interview panel was of 5 or 6 professors,only 2 of them interacted with me.Nandivada & Janakiram.

Nandivada :– Introduce yourself & your academic background.

Me: – told.

Nandivada: – we’ll 1st give you a coding problem & then qsn from your chosen subject.

Define a linked list node structure which will store a char value.

Me:- defined.

Nandivada:- WAP to count number of nodes in a linked list

Me:- wrote the function.

Nandivada:- I have an allergy of while loop,can u please remove it & rewrite the code.

Me:- 1st time hearing some qsn from IIT professors & I was confused at that time & with some thinking I told them that I can use recursion but can’t write the code.(P.S – I’m not good at coding).after interview I found out it was damn easy & hit on my head.

Now suddenly Janakiram interfere & he also asked me a coding problem.

Janakiram:- Can u WAP to find a loop in linked list.

Me:- as I’ve said I’m not good at coding,so obviosuly I couldn’t answere this.

Nandivada:- okay,we’ll move onto your primary subject.


Now,Janakiram asked me some qsns from DBMS.

Janakiram:- What is transaction

Me:- Transaction is a set of operations to perform a task if I say by one line & it has some ACID property which every transaction have to follow.(then asked me full forms of ACID properties & I told).

Janakiram:- what do u mean by Isolation

Me:- told in my way which was partially correct,but he said this is not actually correct & after think for a while I told the corrcet definition.

Janakiram:- How Database manger ensure serilizability in a transaction.

Me:- totally forgot about to mention 2PL.

Janakiram:- Do u know 2PL ?

Me:- oh yes yes,there are two types of locking to ensure serilizability.2PL & timestamp.

Janakiram:- why is this locking called 2 phase & what are the 2 phases actually & what a transaction do in these 2 phases.

Me:- told it correctly.

Jankiram:- write the two transactions T1 & T2(gave me two transactions),write a concurrent schedule which is conflict serializable.

Me:- again confuesd & told the approach that if we can interchange the non-conflict operations,then we’ll get a conflict serilizable schedule & try to write a conflict serializable schedule……..

Janakiram:- what are the conflict operations in it.

Me:- told

Janakiram:- Give me a schedule w.r.t  T1 & T2 which allows 2PL protocol.

Me:- sir,If I can get a concurrent schedule then I can tell that it allows 2PL or not.(try to get a concurrent schedule for 2PL)

Janakiram:- (here he try to help me & gave me a two three lines of a concurrent schedule) Is it allows 2PL

Me:- No,because there are some exclusive lock for which it’s not allowed in 2PL.

Janakiram:- How 2PL ensure serializability.

Me:- Told about Lock point,if we follow lock point then we’ll get a serializable schedule.

Janakiram:- what is lock point ??

Me:- lock point is where the transaction gets its last lock.

Janakiram:- Okay I’m done.

Nandivada:- Do u have any query ??

I asked about the course & difference between Ms & Mtech & How is the job opprotunities of Ms.


Verdict – Not selected :(

My experience & tips for future aspirants :  Interview was I think average,they gave me hints wherever I was stuck or blank & they will try to make you comfortable during the interview.Overall it was a good experience from my side.

For future aspirants I will say that first of all Don’t confuse,because confusion & fear is the biggest enemy & try to respond with professors as much as possible because they will see your responsiveness & also try to understand what he/she wants from you,let them talk,don’t interrupt in middle.

For preparation,one should do coding form DS topicwise.GFG is good source.also prepare one or two subject very deeply,it will save you in interview.



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What was your Gate Score? Please tell about your preparation strategy as you have attempted the exam multiple times.
hello mrinmoy brother , what was your rank in gate 2020 please tell :)