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IIT Gandhinagar this year conducted the interview via Google Meet due to the prevailing pandemic situation. The mail is sent to the selected candidates for the interview nearly a week before the date of interview. On the day of interview, we need to login using our registration number based upon which a token number was generated. My interview was scheduled at around 11.30.

 The interview panel consisted of 2 professors.

Prof 1: Give a brief description about yourself

Me: Answered

Prof 1: Which is your favourite UG level subject?

Me: Operating Systems

Prof 1: What is Virtual Memory? Why is it needed? How is the addressing done?..

Me: Answered

Prof 1: What about registers? How are they addressed?

Me: Answered

Prof 1: Can registers have virtual addressing? Justify your answer

Me: Answered

Prof 1: Asked about the deadlock.What techniques are used to prevent the deadlock?

Me: Answered

Prof 1: What are the graphs called which are used to detect deadlock called? What does it tell you about deadlock?

Me: Answered

Prof 1: What are the different types of edges in DFS? How to identify loop?

Me: Answered

Prof 1: Give a logic to find middle most element in the linked list?

Me: Answered.

Prof 1: What is your UG project based on? Give an overall aim of your project

Me: Answered

Since my project include Dijkstra Algorithm there were a series of questions on Dijkstra algorithm, its working and how it fails.

Prof 1: What if edges are added by constant c or multiplied by constant c will shortest path change? What if we square all the edges? What is handshaking lemma? Maximum number of edges in graph with certain condition imposed was asked. Professor 1 also asked an informal proof for the answers given or an counter example to convince the answers given.

Me: Answered

Prof 2: Asked a few problems on mathematics. The focus was majorly on discrete maths. Some of the problems asked were

Proof that graph cannot have odd vertices with odd degree.

Number of ways rooks can be organized on a chessboard.

A path was shown on ppt and a honey bee has to move from starting point to end point.Number of ways it can do so.

Me: Answered most of the questions.

The interview was conducted for nearly 50 minutes. The faculties were excellent with respect to knowledge and were very much helpful.This made my interview experience to be comfortable with out any anxiety.
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Hello , can you answer the following question based on your interview :

1.  Can registers have virtual addressing? Justify your answer

2. The number of ways rooks can be organized on a chessboard.