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GATE 2021 Broucher

$\textrm{Application Date Start:$14^{th}$ Sept 2020}$

$\textrm{Last Date of Examination form: $30^{th}$ Sept 2020 (without late fee)}$

$\textrm{Exam fee same as every year.}$

$\textrm{New in GATE 2021 :}$

  1. $\textrm{$3^{rd}$ year student is also eligible},$
  2. $\textrm{This year B.A,B.Com student can also apply for this exam.}$
  3. $\textrm{CS student also eligible to give MA(maths)Paper,vice versa.}$
  4. $\textrm{code optimization is reintroduced in compiler design.}$
  5. $\textrm{Network Security,firewall & WiFi is not there in the syllabus.}$
  6. $\textrm{Multiple Select Question is there, more then one answer is correct. no negative marking for such question.}$


$\textrm{For more information visit Brochure.}$


posted Aug 7 in Exam Application
edited Aug 7 by


NETWORK SECURITY has been removed from the syllabus of computer network for gate 2021
Yes, Network security & wifi is also not present.
I request the admin to make necessary changes to the test series conducted by GO to help everyone who has purchase it

  What kind of issue you faced in Go test??

hira thakur I mean to say in upcoming tests of CN and CD and all the tests they should add the questions from the updated syllabus and also add multiple select questions.
Of course it'll be done. Probably from next week.
LAN Technologies(Ethernet) has also been removed i think , from Computer Networks
What is the cost of test series?

Isn't this new , like they are explicitly mentioning the EM marks.

IPV6 is also removed
em was already 13 marks, it was not explicitly mentioned, that's it
Do you guys think they will mention which questions are MSQ(multiple select questions)?


yes, most likely it will be checkboxes instead of radio buttons for selecting the options.

If you want to see how it would feel, you can see JEE Advanced interface for now, click here.

Otherwise mock exam option will be available in january on official website.

CN: In Data link layer: Medium Access Control does one have to study ALOHA and Token Ring?

ALOHA is in syllabus, but token ring is not.
I don't think even Aloha is in syllaus. It wasn't there in 2016 syllabus.

@coder_yash  You can check complete details of GO Test series for GATE 2021 in the below link :

Math had contained more than 13 marks few years back. If i am not wrong in one paper EM was carrying over 20 marks.