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Interview Experience for M.Tech. RA A.I. in I.I.T. Hyderabad

My interview was in July, 2020. It was conducted on google meet online due to COVID-19 pandemic. There were two rounds of interview. the first round was in the morning and second round was conducted on the same day after 3:30 pm.

Round 1:

I don’t remember the faculty name but there were 2 teachers in my panel.

P1: Introduce yourself and tell the topics of your interest in basic mathematics.

I was confused with basic mathematics and told Linear Algebra. But then the clarified and asked mathematical topics from class 9th and 10th like lines, triangles, etc. Then I choose geometry.

Ques1. Draw a graph of mod(x) + mod(y) = 1

Initially I drew it wrong as a circle but later I corrected it as a square.

They asked if I was comfortable in probability, though i never revised after GATE but had no other option and said yes

Ques 2: If you are given a bag in which you have 6 white balls and 4 black balls and you draw a ball and it is known as black and you throw it away. Now tell the probability of getting a black ball.

I tried solving it using Bayes theorem initially, but prof confused me if I already know that the ball was black then why are we using conditional probability. At that moment I got confused and choose 3/9 as my answer.

Ques 3: what is uniform distribution?

I defined both continuous and discrete distributions as I could not remember uniform distribution so later prof asked me to draw the graph of uniform distribution between -a to a. I could not draw at that time.

Later result was out around 2pm and I got selected for round 2

Round 2 Panel included 3 teachers: Prof Maunendra, Prof P. K. Srijith and Prof P. RAJALAKSHMI.

I was asked about my educational background and any project or course that I have done in BTech or otherwise related to Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning.

I told about my BTech final year project as an application of NLP and they asked further details about the same.

I also mentioned doing one course on NLP so he asked me about my learning from the course and few questions related to that.

Later he gave me a question on probability which was as follows:

Ques1: If a company decides to have a lottery and distributes 50 tickets at Rs 10 each and there is a probability of winning as 0.2, also on winning the company gives Rs 40 to every winner (there can be more than one winner) then what is the total profit for the company and Is that profit fixed or can be changed?

I answered 100 and fixed( which i later guess was wrong ans this 100 would be the max probable value for profit but it can change).

Ques 2: The next question was to tell the difference between quicksort, insertion sort, selection sort and mergesort

I told that Merge sort is not in-place and uses O(N) space complexity while other algorithms change in the same data structure and has O(1) space complexity.

After 2 days we got the list of available projects and we filled our preferences. The selection was based on preference and performance in the interview.

Result: Not selected

Tip: Prepare probability and at least know few names of algorithms in ML. That will show your interest in the field. I only prepared Data structures and Algorithms and they asked only 1 question from that.

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What was you GATE score and rank? Did they ask you any coding questions?